• Battery Helper

    Battery Helper




    The battery helper improvements of (Task Manager Lite) version. We have launched a new app. Add-on battery helper function. We changed the name to the battery helper. ● Home - You can hold a battery, memory, task, installed app, CPU status. - We work quickly diagnose and resolve through the...

  • My Location and Weather Info

    My Location and Weather Info




    1. By sending my location with friends and family can share. (Late home, when a cab ride, please send your location.) 2. My position in the network can use wireless networks and GPS satellites with options select option will be available for normal service. 3. Depending on device or network does...

  • Sirens





    Sirens application to the Crime Prevention and abroad there was some effect of users were contacted. Development of a police siren suit the purpose and need to get the right buttons as a developer can feel proud of. Lovers and children on the phone, please install the application. Usage also let...

  • Android App Manager

    Android App Manager




    Android App Manager (AAM) is makes it easy to manage apps installed on Android devices. App uses measurement reports, system information, and provides value○added services for free. AAM app is for advanced users. ● Managing App (App management) ○ App search, sorting feature (name, install...

  • Android Task Manager

    Android Task Manager




    Android Task Manager (ATM) Android Task Manager is the overall system application. Task, Application, Sd card, Device, system information can be managed in a single shot. ● Task Management (Tasks) - Real-time process list - Multi-select, command support - If you hold the specified item,...

  • Android File Manager

    Android File Manager




    Android File Manager application is the Android Explorer. Multi-select feature has been improved. ● Explorer (File Manager) ○ Introducing the top menu ▷ HOME Go to the top of the Root Path of smart devices. ▷SDCARD Go to the top path of external storage space on the SD card. ▷ Up...

  • Smart Notes

    Smart Notes




    ● NOTES ○ Multi-select, command support Delete, Backup, Complete, Protect ○ Memo recording ○ Voice input ○ Memo backup(Sd card txt file) ○ Notes management (processing completed) ○ Memo protection ○ Memo lock ○ Memo share ○ SMS received letters Import : Received characters are automatically...

  • All Currency Converter

    All Currency Converter




    151 of currency exchange rates and the exchange rate lookup and calculation comparison list ● Currency Converter AED - UAE DIRHAM AFA - AFGHANISTAN AFGHANI ALL - ALBANIAN LEK ANG - NETH ANTILLES GUILDER ARS - ARGENTINE PESO AUD - AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR AWG - ARUBA FLORIN BBD - BARBADOS...

  • Translate Free

    Translate Free




    1. Translate free from the Internet-enabled real-time translation is available.(By Bing API) 2. Regardless of the language of the text input language you select is automatically recognized and translated into the language is translated. 3. Translated data is stored in an environment where the...

  • Smart Quick Settings

    Smart Quick Settings




    Smart Quick Settings is Quick setting application. Simple operation, fast and easy to set up the Android framework. ● Features of Smart Quick Settings ○ Wi-Fi Wi-Fi can be turned on or off. ○ Mobile data Mobile data(3G, LTE) can be turned on or off. ○ Bluetooth Bluetooth can be turned on...

  • Currency Converter

    Currency Converter




    ● Currency Converter & Calculator USD,EUR,AUD,BGN,BRL, CAD,CHF,CNY,CZK,DKK, EEK,GBP,HKD,HRK,HUF, IDR,INR,JPY,KRW,LTL, LVL,MXN,MYR,NOK,NZD, PHP,PLN,RON,RUB,SEK, SGD,THB,TRY,ZAR - Real-time update rate ● Currency Rate List Currency Rate List ● Settings -...






    UNIT CONVERTER ● Dashboard ○ favorites enrolled in the unit converter ○ Unit Conversion category list - LENGTH - AREA - WEIGHT - VOLUME - TEMPERATURE - PRESSURE - SPEED - FUEL ECONOMY - DATA ● Unit Converter ● About / Settings ○ About Unit...






    SMART CALCULATOR is the best precise calculation calculator. Tip calculator and the amount split has been added. - Tip calculation feature / value split function - Shake the device screen can be initialized. - Typing sound On / Off can be.(Loudness of the sound setting part of the device in the...

  • Android Task Manager Pro

    Android Task Manager Pro




    [Android Task Manager Pro] is a paid version of the Android Task Manager. (Ads Removed version, features are the same) Free application [Android Task Manager] Be the first use. When you are satisfied, and pick up the Pro version download Android Task Manager Pro is the overall system...

  • Android File Manager Pro

    Android File Manager Pro




    Android File Manager Pro application is the Android Explorer. Multi-select feature has been improved. [Android File Manager Pro] is a paid version of the Android File Manager. (Ads Removed version, features are the same) ● Explorer (File Manager) - Introducing the top menu ▷ HOME Go to...

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