• myWineCatalog




    Your own Wine Spectator at your finger tips! Catalog your wines by vintage, varietal and more. Rate your wines and share them with your friends using SMS! Uses phone's memory to store the wines. Tested on MotoDroid. Questions, comments:

  • DMC : Droid Math Calculator


    Simple, easy to use Math calculator help plenty math functions. Money Back Guarantee - If you spot any error, we will return your money back.

  • Just ICE




    Just ICE - App stores important info such as Personal, In Case of Emergency, Medical, Physician, Medication and Allergy Info for paramedics and Hospital staff App also provides password protected vault to store info which one tends to forgets - Bank, Insurance, Credit Card, Website pass,...

  • US Airport Delays




    US Airport delay app keeps you up-to-date on airport delays. * Status Updated every 5 mins. * A must have app for both frequent and casual travelers. * Please NOTE - App only supports valid US Airports. * Please email - if more modifications are needed or you have suggestions to improve the...

  • My Phone Info




    * Works for android 2.0 - fixing for 1.5 (HTC phones) My Phone Info - displays more info about your phone Phone, Voice Mail Number, Type, Device ID, Lat, Lang Network Country ISO, Operator, Sim Country Name, ISO, Sim Serial Number, Internal, External, Available Memory, Sensors, Wifi, Camera,...

  • When u will become millionaire




    Ever wondered what will it take to become a millionaire? Here is simple calculator to find out when you will become one. Depending on success we will bring more additions to this calculator.

  • Dividend Reinvestment Calc.




    Dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) enables investors to buy shares of the same stock using their dividend money. Use our Dividend Reinvestment Calculator to find out how much you will benefit when you reinvest your dividends over years.

  • Your Baby's Development - Week




    Your Baby's Development - Week by Week is a simple guide prepared with information provided on - Understand your baby's growth and use our app to learn about your baby's development.

  • Percentage Increase, Decrease




    Simple Percentage Difference calculator is designed to give the percentage change from one number value to another.

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