• Matchingo - A Memory Game




    Matchingo is a new twist on the classic memory matching card game you played as a kid. Match any two cards for a simple match, or make multiple matches in a row to earn combo multipliers. Collect gold coins and unlock dozens of ways to customize the game to make it all your own. Matchingo is...

  • Word Search Little Books




    Word Search Little Books is the first touch and pen-enabled word search game on any mobile platform. Word Search Little Books keeps track of your progress across numerous word search puzzles and puzzle books so that you can pick up right where you left off. Word Search Little Books works great on...

  • Magic Black Ball




    Curious what the future holds? Ask the Magic Black Ball - similar to the magical toy we all used to play with as a kid. Ask it anything!

  • Maze Racer




    Maze Racer is a maze inspired game where you draw a line from start to finish as fast as you can with your Galaxy Note S-Pen! In Maze Racer you get rewarded stars based on how quickly you reach the finish. Can you get 3 stars on every level? Maze Racer is currently an exclusive to the Samsung...

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