• Matchingo - A Memory Game




    Matchingo is a new twist on the classic memory matching card game you played as a kid. Match any two cards for a simple match, or make multiple matches in a row to earn combo multipliers. Collect gold coins and unlock dozens of ways to customize the game to make it all your own. Matchingo is...

  • Magic Black Ball




    Curious what the future holds? Ask the Magic Black Ball - similar to the magical toy we all used to play with as a kid. Ask it anything!

  • Maze Racer




    Maze Racer is a maze inspired game where you draw a line from start to finish as fast as you can with your Galaxy Note S-Pen! In Maze Racer you get rewarded stars based on how quickly you reach the finish. Can you get 3 stars on every level? Maze Racer is currently an exclusive to the Samsung...

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