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Smithsonian Institution

  • Smithsonian VisitorGuide/Tours

    Smithsonian VisitorGuide/Tours




    So you’re in Washington, D.C. to see the 2013 inauguration ceremony and take part in the festivities? Now you can download our FREE special inauguration edition of Smithsonian Tours and get helpful “know-before-you-go” information about inaugural events and happenings. We’ve designed a special...

  • Smithsonian Mobile

    Smithsonian Mobile




    Smithsonian Mobile is your digital mobile guide to the Smithsonian, built collaboratively with our visitors. Find out what’s on where, discover highlights, search our collections, access tours, podcasts and other apps. Add tips and photos from your visit for other visitors, or share your...

  • Shutterbugs: Wiggle & Stomp

    Shutterbugs: Wiggle & Stomp




    Lions! Pandas! Naked mole rats? Come visit them all at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. We are on the lookout for animals that are swimming, running, wiggling, and stomping. Grab a camera and take pictures of animals on the move! Designed for the home and classroom by the Smithsonian Science...

  • Stories from Main Street

    Stories from Main Street




    Everybody has a story. What's yours? “Stories from Main Street” is the Smithsonian’s new app for collecting stories from America’s small towns and rural communities. This is the place where anyone with an interest in small-town life can add his or her own personal experiences to the archive....

  • Infinity of Nations

    Infinity of Nations




    n this mobile guide to the exhibition, you will experience the tremendous scope of the museum’s collections, representing the length and breadth of the Americas. You’ll also be able to explore objects specially selected for their aesthetic, cultural, and historic significance. Native historians...

  • Stories of World Heritage

    Stories of World Heritage




    Stories about 10 of the world’s most outstanding natural and cultural sites from UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Hear what locals and visitors have to say about the beauty and value of these sites. Have you visited any, or would you like to? Add your voice to the conversation through this app! In...

  • See NMAAHC

    See NMAAHC




    Explore the upcoming National Museum of African American History and Culture building before it opens in 2015! Regardless of where you are located, this augmented reality app will allow you to see NMAAHC before it's built. While on the National Mall in Washington D.C., choose the...

  • NPG Portrait Comp. 2013

    NPG Portrait Comp. 2013


    Tour the exhibition, listen to interviews, get inside information, and vote your favorite portrait for the People’s Choice Award with the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition mobile app! This juried exhibition of portraits includes 48 works created from both traditional media like oil...

  • Romare Bearden A Black Odyssey

    Romare Bearden A Black Odyssey




    This conversational audio tour for the traveling exhibition “Romare Bearden: A Black Odyssey,” gives listeners new intellectual inroads into the works of Romare Bearden and into the bewitching heart of Homer’s “Odyssey.” Voices on the tour include Dr. Robert O’Meally, exhibition curator and Zora...

  • Access American Stories

    Access American Stories




    Access American Stories is a bilingual (Spanish/English) “crowdsourced” audio experience and companion to the American Stories exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Designed to increase accessibility for visitors with low vision, the app offers everyone new ways...

  • MEanderthal





    Do you look like your relatives? Your prehistoric relatives? Try morphing yourself backward in time with MEanderthal. You might be surprised when you see your face transformed into the face of an early human with the Smithsonian Institution's first-ever mobile app.

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