• Hoppa!





    Hoppa! is a messaging app that allows you to chat anywhere, at anytime, while doing anything. Hoppa! increases your ability to multitask on mobile devices, making it possible for you to chat while you interact with other apps on your screen. Now you can text while watching a live sports game,...

  • Maskie





    Maskie(tm) puts a unique twist on the selfie, adding fun and surprise to the experience! With Maskie, you can “mask” parts of a photo and then choose who has the authority to move and remove the mask. You can take a photo, use a screenshot, or choose any photo from your gallery to work with. Use...

  • Snapkeys Zones

    Snapkeys Zones




    IT'S THE BEST KEYBOARD FOR YOU - TYPING MADE EASY WITH THE HI-TECH KEYBOARD. Award Winner for the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest Type very fast and comfortably on touch screens. It looks similar to the regular keyboard we are all used to, but there is no need to precisely type on each...

  • LetSnap (Beta version)

    LetSnap (Beta version)




    1/Now with Letsnap™ your pictures are really talking! Simply slide your finger on the picture and type to express yourself: put your own feelings into a photo to chat, and insert smileys, change the font, the text direction, the text color, add filters, draw in your photo... Colorfully and...

  • 8.7
    ABC4 Keyboard

    ABC4 Keyboard




    Write your messages with this new keyboard

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