• WineSesory



    A Sensory User’s Manual-using chemistry, physiology, physics and psychology to develop a wine palate Wine tasting can be an occasional pleasant diversion or a time-and-resource-consuming passion. It can be conducted casually or formally. No matter what level of orientation or dedication is...

  • Diário de Notícias

    Diário de Notícias




    Este aplicativo é desenvolvido para fornecer informações e notícias para operadores da justiça, magistrados, advogados, auditores, com conteúdo jurídico e com as ultimas manchetes.

  • Retail Managment Network

    Retail Managment Network




    For the retail professional who wants to keep driving his business to the next level. Network with peers. Post job openings or find your next opportunity. Find vendors to help you expand your business. Keep up on the latest news

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