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    Cash Clicker

    Click your way to wealth and try to eliminate the world's debt in this clicker game. Start by clicking for money and then put your money to work for you. Buy various buildings and use the banking options to build your wealth. Your ultimate goal is to pay off the US debt along with 19 other countries. The catch?? The debt is continuing to bu…

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    Download Road Trip Travel Games LITE Road Trip Travel Games LITE icon
    Road Trip Travel Games LITE

    Taking a road trip and need something to pass the time? Look no further. With Road Trip Travel Games you get 4 different games to play with two allowing for up to 6 players to play. With this app you get The License Plate Game, The ABC Game, Road Trip Bingo and Scavenger Hunt. The License Plate Game and Scavenger Hunt are also included as a mu…

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    Download 2048 Evolution 2048 Evolution icon
    2048 Evolution

    If you have mastered to game play of 2048, try this version that walks through the stages of evolution. If has a larger grid for more play. Combine the tiles together to evolve. Can you evolve into a human? What is beyond that? Play and find out. Enjoy!

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    Download Christmas Carol Karaoke Christmas Carol Karaoke icon
    Christmas Carol Karaoke

    Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas Carol Karaoke. This app contains over 55 holiday favorite with the lyrics and melodies for you to sing along. Enjoy!

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    Download Keep Away Cat Keep Away Cat icon
    Keep Away Cat

    If you need to pass a few minutes of time, help the mouse avoid the cats as they chase it around the screen. Grab points with bonus food or help speed up/slow down the mouse and cats with random bonuses. Nothing fancy, just a way to pass some time. Enjoy.

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    Download Laser Shot Laser Shot icon
    Laser Shot

    Destroy planets by matching your laser color to their color. Destroy the primary color plants with just a single bounce. Create the secondary colors by bouncing off of two primary colors first. Harder than it seems. Enjoy.

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    Download Gas Savings Calculator Gas Savings Calculator icon
    Gas Savings Calculator

    This app is to help anyone looking for a new vehicle. If you want to see how much money you would save monthly and yearly by increasing your MPG, then this app is for you. Just enter your current MPGs, what your new vehicles MPGs would be, how many miles you drive a week and use the slider to the percent of highway/city miles you drive. Then the…

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    Download Happy Tappy Pi Happy Tappy Pi icon
    Happy Tappy Pi

    Enjoy this tapping game as you try and help pi pass through the pencils. The amount of space between the pencils is random each time you start as is the space to pass through. Enjoy!

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    Download March Bracket Helper PRO March Bracket Helper PRO icon
    March Bracket Helper PRO

    UPDATED FOR 2014!!! With March Bracket Helper PRO you get 2 things in 1. You get all of the records of the seed vs. seed match-ups AND you get the opportunity to have your picks made for you using all the data. Take all the guess work out of your bracket and let the past predict the future with March Bracket Helper PRO. Every time you click you…

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    Download You're Having A... You're Having A... icon
    You're Having A...

    FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY We've all done it, looked at someone who is pregnant and guessed if they were having a boy or a girl based on how they looked. You're Having A... takes some of the guess work out. Just take a picture and let the program due the rest. It uses a multitude of measures to predict whether the person in the pi…

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