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  • Jokes for Adults FREE




    Jokes for Adults FREE Have a laugh with 30,000+ Jokes! It is proven that laughter has the ability to extend your lifespan, so with 30,000+ Jokes, you will probably be immortal! Jokes aside, our application cannot make you immortal but it can definitely improve your lifespan and likeability!...

  • Hair Clippers Prank




    Pretend to Clip Your Friends Hair!!! Hair Clipper is not just another shaver app. Hair Clipper is a realistic hair clipper with a real shaving sound.Scare your friends by pretending to shave their hair off. Use this app like a soundboard. Press on it and the sound effects will start playing....

  • Funny Cat Videos




    Funny Cat Videos is easily the Internet's greatest achievement. There is no doubt that watching a funny, cute, adorable Cat Video will make your day better. ★★★★★ Whether you're a CAT PERSON or just a casual pet lover, you'll enjoy CAT VIDEOS! These hand-picked classics are some of...

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