• Fast Search for Twitter


    Simple and powerful, it is Twitter search dedicated app. You can use it as a comfortable information collection tools that are tailored to your taste. ◆ function - Keyword Search: You can register as a dictionary the keyword. - Folder Management: You can store the keyword in the folder. Organize...

  • どーよ?-登録不要で誰とでもチャットで気軽に話せる匿名SNS




    画像・写真・動画・YouTubeや気になる話題や実況を投稿して、共感した人と共通の話題で盛り上がれます!無料で面倒な登録が一切なしで、匿名なので気軽に安心して会話を楽しめます! ▲▽多数メディアで大絶讃!!▲▽ CNET JAPAN ・・ケータイWatch ・かみあぷ速報 ・タブロイド等 多数人気メディアで紹介されました!! ◆どんな時に使うの? ・地元の話題で語りたいとき ・話題のネタについて、誰かと会話をしたい ・芸能人の噂話をしたい時 ・おすすめのYouTube動画を紹介したい時 ・誰かと一緒にテレビを実況したい時 ・動画や画像、写真を共有したい時...

  • Collon -Collage photos-




    \Text decorated with rich speech balloon, rich fonts, and colorful outline♪/ Text Function is large enriched! It can add favorite fonts, and decorated with colors and patterns. Also speech balloon function, can use your favorite color and pattern in a variety! \Cut out the photos freely! Add a...

  • モバみっけ 子供見守りver.




    『モバみっけ子供見守り』は、お子様の居場所を保護者の方がどこからでも調べることができるアプリです。 『モバみっけ子供見守り』の機能 Web管理画面上からご子息が持っているスマホの場所を確認できます。 ※ Web管理画面は、パソコン,Android,iPhone,iPadなどからご利用可能です。 『モバみっけ子供見守り』は、基本機能である「位置検索機能」を無料で無制限にご利用いただけます。...

  • Horror Camera -Scary Photo-




    This app is create ghost photos, which is kind of collage pictures. When you take a photo with this camera, it will be scary ghost picture. If you use this app in the middle of the night, it is sure that you feel afraid more! Features... - You can create a ghost picture using the camera. -...

  • FunnyPhoto -Free frames-




    "Funny Photo" is a camera app to create funny Picture. You don't need to create funny effect with complex action, just take a picture, select effective frames and automatically cutout image. ALL FRAMES ARE FREE!! There are many funny frames which are quote images cut out a part....

  • HADOKEN CAMERA -Animated Gif-




    KAMEHAMEHA of DBZ ! A Popular App from Japan! Hadoken Camera is app to create animation picure(animated gif image) with adding any stickeres from continuous pictures. There is many popular anime scene stamp. So you can make a loop picture like a scene of anime action. Hadoken? Kamehameha?...

  • オレワザファイト ~あなただけの必殺技~




    前代未聞!?新感覚すぎる! 文字入力だけで繰り広げる格闘ゲーム! あなたの考えたオリジナル必殺技で戦えるゲームが登場! 自分だけのオレワザを作り出してライバルたちと戦おう。 10月3日 『オクトバ』に掲載されました。 9月30日 『アプリゲット』で『良ゲー★4』に認定されました!! 必殺技名を入力するだけで、自動で白熱のバトルが繰り広げられます。 技の威力を測定する挑戦モードに加え、他のプレイヤーと戦う対戦モードを搭載。 もちろんどちらもランキングに対応。沢山戦ってトップを目指せ! さらに、ユーザ登録すればネットワークに保存されたデータが自動的に戦ってくれる!...

  • Avatar Maker -Profile creator-




    Let's create your own profile icon like anime image! Generated profile icon is suitable size for SNS profile image. Dress up your cute, fancy avatar, like collage anime image from many parts! Now you can change avatar parts, dark or light color. -- This app is "profile creator"...

  • Miniature Photo Maker




    Converting your photo Landscape photography as miniature image. Using this app, You can become professional photographer! This is a camera app to create a new photo with some filter effects. With Taking a picture or select image from gallery, app will add new filter. Avaliable filters are...

  • MangaGenerator -Cartoon image-




    Mega hit Android manga camera, creating Japanes cartoon image! This is a manga filter camera app, which are creating black-white filtered image like JAPANESE CARTOON. More than 200 kinds of scene/frames! You can also add manga ballon message. We provide some free contents! This App is...

  • SamuraiCamera Picture Collage




    Do you want to be Samurai? This app makes dream come true for you. Your photo will be transformed into an old-fashioned samurai photo collage . You can easily enjoy with Samurai montage. - How to use. Procedure is very simple . 1. Select a Samurai frame. 2. Select a image with taking a picture...

  • DecoMotion Animation Camera




    DecoMotion is camera application for creating move photo and decoration. You can create your own loop animation short film. Decoration material is Cute & funny stamp, speech balloon, colorful text ,and more... Enjoy create and share.

  • Watch Dog-Security Application




    "Watch Dog" is an app that will look for when you lose your smartphone. Recommended ・We save your precious photos and address the smartphone, people in trouble and lose ・People, I forget where I put my smartphone always ・People, I would have lost the smartphone sometimes wait for...

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