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Soft Hills

  • 3D Message List

    3D Message List




    We are turning from 2D phase to 3D phase, best time to entertain third dimension. Let’s come to calibrate one of the unique ideas which is 3D Message list. I entertained it and I just in love with 3D Message List. You know what I changed my style and 3D Message List made me more stylish. 3D...

  • Share a Shampain

    Share a Shampain


    Share a Shampain one of the wonderful application; it’s the idea that makes you unique and different. And make for you matchless. Do you want to wish birth day to your friend who is thousands of miles away from you? Don’t get worry get “Share a Shampain” and write on his time line with a...

  • Face Changer Football Player

    Face Changer Football Player




    Face Changer Football Player app is best face changer app. If you want to be appear with your football player hero you don’t to be worry. You just need to be Face Changer Football Player app in your phone. Now you can be with your favorite football super star by using Face Changer Football...

  • Photo Background Changer

    Photo Background Changer




    Photo Background Changer app is best entertainment app. Now you can add beautiful and interesting backgrounds to your photos by using Photo Background Changer app. Sometimes you don’t happy with your photos because of dull and boring backgrounds scenes and you want to give interesting look to...

  • Share a Pizza

    Share a Pizza


    It is more popular and fashioned stuff to use fast food and it is growing day by day. Pizza is the most favorite food and most hit too. It is the “Share a Pizza” made it for you to celibate every occasion. Let’s come together and join on this pizza table with more than 20 and tasteful flavor of...

  • Zipper Screen Unlock

    Zipper Screen Unlock




    There is nothing but an idea is which makes the scene unique and different. When I look on my final product of Zipper Screen Unlock, it was really a pleasurable scene. How good this is, to unzip the screen and android is opened to use. The simple functionality and impressive layout makes Zipper...

  • Location Tracker And Finder

    Location Tracker And Finder




    The Location Tracker and Finder app now brings to the Android users the benefit of having turn-by-turn navigation. Turn on your phone, and you instantly have a tool to get you anywhere in the world you need to go. The Location Tracker and Finder app deserves the crown for the best turn-by-turn...

  • Football Pattern Screen Lock

    Football Pattern Screen Lock




    Football Pattern Screen Lock 2014 is an exciting screen lock in play store. I launched it in play store to satisfy The needs and preferences according to Foot Ball Event for FREE. It is one of the most eye-catching lock screen. You can turn your Android pattern lock screen into stylish intuitive...

  • Real Violin Sound

    Real Violin Sound




    Real Violin Sound App offered you. * Stylish GUI to use and is designed for Violin Lover to make fun. * Really Different Wires Instead of a single button is used for. * Real Violin Sound App is elegant, portable and functional, suitable for students, for those who want to play, to have fun with...

  • Voice Screen Lock

    Voice Screen Lock




    Voice screen lock is an alternative way to unlock your phone screen. It provides its user a secure and reliable use by recoding and setting his/her voice as a password and you can not unlock your phone until you speak the same word that you used to lock it. You can easily set date and time...

  • Smoke Cigrate

    Smoke Cigrate




    Smoke cigarette is a virtual style of smoking. In real, smoking kills thousands of people every year and our app smoke cigarette is based on this idea to protect the people from real life smoking and to shift them into virtual cigarette smoking. From our app “smoke cigarette” just get rid of the...

  • Pattern Screen Lock

    Pattern Screen Lock




    Pattern Screen Lock is an exciting screen lock in play store, Oops! I launched it in play store to facilitate all of you for FREE! With beautiful edges and layout Pattern Screen Lock is made best in use. Lock Screen consists on white dot. The arrows show the next steps in the pattern.To unlock...

  • Football Screen Lock 2014

    Football Screen Lock 2014




    Football Screen Lock 2014 is an exciting screen lock in play store. I launched it in play store to satisfy The needs and preferences according to upcoming Foot Ball Event for FREE. It is one of the most eye-catching lock screen. You can turn your Android lock screen into stylish intuitive lock...

  • Football Soccer World Cup 14

    Football Soccer World Cup 14




    Football Soccer World Cup14 is a free simulation sport game in which you'll be able play with world champions, be a manager of a fantasy team, and more. We're bringing you a Soccer Football, free fantasy simulation and a comprehensive manager game, all in one soccer package. Take part in...

  • Run Dead Run 3D 2014

    Run Dead Run 3D 2014




    Neem om die strate met Run Dooie Run 3D 2014 Hardloop, spring, stamp en skuif oor en rondom ton van die verskillende en WACKY struikelblokke in hierdie mal nuwe eindelose loop spel! Vergeet van die tempel, woude - die stede van vol beligting en lang loop is wag jy! Begin Run Run Dooie. Die...

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