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  • Health Measure Graph

    Health Measure Graph




    Health Measure Graph is the application for monitoring changes in key indicators of the human body, such as the general temperature, basal body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, weight, height. On the accumulation of rates it is possible to chart the dynamics of change for each...

  • TiliMili Azbuka - ABC for kids

    TiliMili Azbuka - ABC for kids




    Your kid is growing and it is a high time for him to learn the alphabet. For sure, you've purchased dozens of books and numerous toys but it seems more interesting for the kid to play with your smart-phone than turn over the pages of a book. Let you children enjoy playing games while...

  • English Russian Word Swot

    English Russian Word Swot




    English Russian Word Swot is a free application, which helps to learn Russian independently, regardless of the age and level of existing knowledge. This application will help you not only to extend vocabulary but also to train your memory. Now if you want to learn russian, you may do it anywhere...

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