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  • Jump Over - Puzzle Game




    Jump over is a new game but still no stranger to you! Your mission is to wipe out all of the bugs that are able to be moved on the table, until only one remains. How to play: - Swipe or tap to select the beetles to move 1 or 2 tiles (depending on its type) vertically or horizontally. - Bugs can...

  • Kill Cockroaches




    You are preparing yourself a light meal when out of nowhere appears the dirtiest cockroaches, disturbing your meal. Unwilling to brush cockroaches off of the table and into your house, you must find a way to kill numerous cockroaches that are on the table. Do not let them escape from the table...

  • Rabbit Jump & Wolf Jump




    Keep the Rabbit away from the starving wolf by jumping over rocks, logs... with 2 jumping options. Beware of the sleeping hedgehogs, sharks, scorpions… or traps, deep holes… Challenge your best scores with your friends crossing all over mobile platforms, or share it on your facebook page.. Let...

  • Scary Halloween




    Scary hallowen Halloween is coming, have you ever thought how do you would look like when put Halloween costume and some scary make up on ? This application will help you disguise a convenient way to prepare for an interesting and scary Halloween. Main features: -Pick image from your library or...

  • Secret Contacts




    Have you ever felt annoying when friends and relatives prying into private calls, text messages? Do you hope to have one application that will help you keep a secret one in private? This application will help you do that. The main features: - Registration - Sign in application - Lock app:...

  • Blacklist - Call Blocker




    Are you harassed with calls and text messages? You want to secretly store messages and call history? You can use this application to block all calls and text messages that bother you. It also provides advanced functionality options according to the type of block you want such as the block number...

  • Convert Photo To Text




    Your translator is a useful application that can help you identify the letters from the images or from your device’s camera and translate them into 80 different languages. In addition you can also use it as any other translation tool by entering text in a normal way. Some prominent features: -...

  • Auto Call Recorder




    When you had an important phone call and needed to listen again. When you want to store tender words from lover. Automatic Call Recorder will help you do thats. Features : - Automatic record a call then save it to SDCard. - You can choose with contacts from your contacts list will be apply or...

  • Translate All Free




    Translate all is a useful application that can help you translate into 80 different languages. Some prominent features: - Translation in 80 different languages. - Save your translations. Default settings: Translate from Auto-detect to English language. Supports most regular features in the...

  • Auto Answer Phone Call




    If you driving car, go to the gym, playing sport, .. and any where that you can't carrying your smart phone inside, but you still want caller, who make a call to you can receive information about you, example : I'm cooking, i'm driving, i'm in the gym. .. etc You just need...

  • Message Timer




    SMS will be send to your friends automatically. You need to add your friends contact to wishlist, then set the time and your message you want to send to them. tags: message , sms , auto, send sms , timer

  • Auto Answer Phone Call Pro




    The comes a time when you can't pick up your phone, but you don't want to miss it, or you want to give the caller some reasons to not be worried about you. A message like "I'm driving" or "I'm at the gym" would be really useful. All you need to do is to...

  • Here you are




    Tired of telling you friends where you are? Here's a small app to help you with that. It will create a SMS message, email or a post on social networks of your location and send it to your friends. They just have to open it and their native navigator application will do the rest! Your friends...

  • Signature Of Your Name




    The application is based on an emerging trend in the past period: Sign up cans, bottles of drinking water brand. With the application "Signature on Cans", you can : + Choose your sample cans: Coke, Pepsi, Heineken, ..... + Write your name. + Set the font size. + Adjust text color....

  • trivialdrivesample


    trivialdrivesample Just for test in-app billing V3

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