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Quiz Patente 2017 + Manuale

Quiz Patente + Manuale teoria è l'app per i quiz della patente e del patentino consigliata dalle autoscuole. Ti offre gratis tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per prendere la patente: • Quiz ministeriali ufficiali per patente e patentino (aggiornati 2016 2017) • Video lezioni • Manuale di teoria - suggerimenti di teoria durante i quiz - spiegazio…

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Speed Cameras!

Transform your Android device into a Speed Camera detector for FREE! 'Speed​Camera!' applications for real-time detection offers its best technology ever. ▶ SpeedCamera! will inform in real time the presence of: ○ Fixed cameras ○ Mobile cameras ○ Average speed check ○ Traffic lights controlled ○ Danger zones Every time you get close to a…

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Gifts Advices and List

Still undecided what gifts to buy? Try "Gifts Advices and List"! This app allows you to: - get advice on personalized gifts based on gender, age, relationship, occasion and price range - create the list of gifts to organize your purchases The feature "Advice" allows you to select gender, age and relationship (friend, colleagu…

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Fake message

This application will allow you to create fake messages in a simple and fast. Once the message is created it will be notified on the date predetermined by you! In case, the inserted date has passed, the message will be received immediately! You can also select recipients directly from your address book, and if there is a photo associated, it will…

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