• friendly




    Introducing friendly - the social, social network. In the 21st century, we are all so connected to people online yet so disconnected from people offline. The friendly application is here to change that. There are millions of friendly people in this world, social networks have made them easier...

  • Where Was I?




    Where Was I? records your location periodically, without draining your battery. It works perfectly together with latitude: With latitude enabled 'where was I?' will help it gathering much more data. However, you may choose to disable latitude if you'd rather keep your data local on...

  • Simplest Alarm-clock Ever




    An alarm-clock for the rest of us! *** No Ads *** *** No internet access, no tracking, the NSA won't know when you got up *** *** Choose your own alarm sound *** Have you ever had an alarm clock not going off? Do the following exclamations sound familiar to you? "Drat, I set the wrong...

  • Perfect Alarm free




    Welcome to the android alarm which is the closest you'll ever get to the real thing on a smartphone! At Softbork we believe that alarm clocks can be both beautiful and functional and wake you up with designs to match your mood. We have revolutionised the way you set the time. Just one...

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