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  • Hover Jump


    Get on your hover board and make your way through plenty of levels full of obstacles in Hover Jump, the latest arcade game from Softgames. You can control length and height of your jumps by clicking or tapping longer at the screen. Sometimes you have to risk a crash to be able to collect some of...

  • Timbermen - FREE CASUAL GAME


    It's time to go out in the woods and cut some serious wood! In this free online game you get to live the life of a lumberjack! Swing your axe and turn even the biggest trees into firewood. But be aware to not get hit by branches while you do your work. The further you cut the woods, the...

  • 2020! - Free Puzzle Game




    2020 is a challenging puzzle game with gameplay that resembles Tetris a bit but goes above and beyond. The player places different blocks on a game board of 10 by 10 fields and has to fill horizontal or vertical lines to make them disappear. The game ends, if there is no more room to place...

  • Tiny Cafe and Restaurant Story




    Design and run your own Tiny Cafe and play with people from all over the world! Buy various floors, decorations and equipment to start selling food to your customers! Heat up your oven and get ready to elevate yourself to the rank 1 player in this phenomenal Tiny Cafe game! In your Tiny Cafe,...

  • Cake Shop - New Adventures!




    Did you ever dream about being a confectioner and running your own cake shop? Do you know every recipe by heart and fantasize about fruits, buttercream and fancy toppings? Now here's your chance to make your dream come true at last! You start your business small with just one kind of cake...

  • Circle Pond - FREE ARCADE GAME


    Do you remember the legendary arcade classic that is Pong? Circle Pond re-imagined the game and turned the basic principle into a single player game. Your boat moves around the perimeter of a small pond and with every touch or click you can alter the boats movement direction between going...

  • My little Farm Princess




    Farm, explore and rebuild your castle village to take it back to the glory of the old days! Plant seeds and harvest crops to produce resources for your population. Develop your kingdom and expand it. Now it is up to you to rebuild your castle in My little Farm Princess! ++++++++++++++++++BIG...

  • Frogger Jump - FREE




    You may have played and endless runner game before or at least heard of it. Now here comes Frogger Jump, an endless hopper. The objective of the game is simple enough - help the frog to jump from platform to platform! Tap the frog, drag to set the right amount of power and a dangerous journey...

  • 2 Ways - FREE Racing Game




    Two roads, two cars and 4 lanes is all it takes in this fantastic arcade game, to guarantee tons of fun for hours. Each road has two lanes and with a single tap or click you decide on which of these lanes the car should go. It's your responsibility to avoid any obstacles, but to make sure to...

  • Tip Tap - Free Zig Zag Path




    Tip Tap is the free, online zig skill game that is all about lightning zag reflexes and perfect timing. While you zig zag your way down the path, you can change the direction of your vehicle with one simple tap or click. Be careful not to fall off the edges as your journey is getting faster and...

  • My little Pets - Pop Match Fun




    The pets are taking over in this new colorful and dynamic connection line game! You have to connect the pets in succession with their equal counterpart, doing so will make them explode into dozens of coins that you must collect. Make awesome combos and earn as much currency as you can and unlock...

  • Fish Resort - FREE ONLINE GAME




    Did you ever think about buying a fish tank? Fish Resort turns the fish tank into a fantastic, free online game! You take care of the most different and colorful fishes, you have to feed them and treat them with medicine, if they don't feel good. If you manage to keep the fishes happy and...

  • My little Burger Restaurant




    Run your very own Burger Restaurant and strive to make it the best venue in the world! Expand your Restaurant, satisfy your customers and build new and improved rooms and kitchens, that give you deffernt perks! Earn the funds for your restaurants improvements by winning classic match3 games that...

  • My little Farm ® Pudding Land




    Its your chance to take part in the pudding production of My little Farm! Combine the right colors and pop them to gather enough Pudding for the people of My Little Farm asking for delicious pudding! Try to combine as many puddings of the same color as possible to get a special pudding as a...

  • My Little Farm 2




    Pick up your pitchfork and create your own thriving farm! Back at the countryside help your family to bring the old farm back into shape! Solve challenging missions to unlock extraordinary animals and upgrade your shabby farm into a luxury villa! Earn the funds to improve your farms buildings by...

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