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Photo Slides (Photo Frame)

Get the best from your Android device even when it is idle: turn it into powerful photo frame with Photo Slides! PRO Version is here: NEW: Improved version with a lot of features requested by our users and even more. Photo Slides uses all the most important capabil…

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Hearts Deluxe

Hearts: Play popular trick-based card game! Also Hearts known as Black Lady, Chase the Lady, Crubs, Black Maria. Enjoy perfect graphics and gameplay, try to beat off other players! In 1.x Hearts version, your 3 opponents are clever anthropoids cloistered in your Android device :) Hearts? Yes! Play Hearts, have fun!

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Download Yukon Solitaire Yukon Solitaire icon
Yukon Solitaire

Use all the cards to complete 4 Foundations, moving Aces as they appear. Then build up them in suit from A to K. Face-up cards within the Tableau should be build in descending sequence of alternating colors. Move groups of cards if they are face up regardless of sequence. Put a King to an empty column, if such appears

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Download Two-Ways Solitaire Two-Ways Solitaire icon
Two-Ways Solitaire

Move all the cards to Foundations which should be build up/down regardless of suit from the first card moved to each Foundation, wrapping K -> A or A -> K as necessary. The same rules to move groups of cards, and to build Tableau. Put any card to an empty column Click the Stock to turn over card to Waste. No redeals

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Download Cheops Pyramid Solitaire Cheops Pyramid Solitaire icon
Cheops Pyramid Solitaire

Popular card game specially designed and optimized for Android. RULES: Pair up all the cards to discard them to DECK. Only uncovered cards available for play. Discard pairs of cards of the same rank or consecutive ranks: Aces & Kings are not consecutive. To make a pair, drag one card over another. Enjoy, Good luck! :)

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