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    Empirical Psychopharmacology

    Empirical psychopharmacology introduces Psychiatrists and mental health professionals to data driven,individualized approach to psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Screenshots from software illustrate the use of this method. Practical and orderly treatment of psychiatric disorders including ADHD, anxiety disorders, mood disorders and schizophrenia…

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    Diet Science

    A scientific understanding of food items is necessary to develop a balanced, healthy diet. Features: •Overview •Understanding food Food Groups Glycemic Index •Calculators included are
 : Daily calorie requirements by age and gender
 Glycemic index and load of 125 common food items

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    Download Depression Psychopharmacology Depression Psychopharmacology icon
    Depression Psychopharmacology

    This program provides Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals a data driven, individualzed approach to diagnose and treat Depression with Pharmacology. Information is provided about medications, side effects and resistant depression. Features: Differential Diagnosis Logical stepwise treatment using numerical score to assess progress Bipolar…

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    Download Anxiety Psychopharmacology Anxiety Psychopharmacology icon
    Anxiety Psychopharmacology

    This program provides Psychiatrists and Mental health professionals an easy way to Diagnose and treat Anxiety with Pharmacology. The program offers a Numerical score based treatment for GAD, PD, OCD, SAD and PTSD. Features: Differential Diagnosis Anxiety Score OCD Score PTSD Score SAD Score Treatment: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder,…

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    Download Eris Eris icon

    Eris allows Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals to retrieve Diagnosis Scores,perform differential diagnosis and risk assessments with a structured interview format. Features:    Differential Diagnosis:Aggression, Anxiety, Depression, Poor school performance and Psychosis Risk assessment- Suicide, violence Substance Abuse screen Diagnosi…

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