Software AMDG

  • Customizable Lists Eval Ed


    This application allows a user to create and completely customize lists in a common spreadsheet format for any purpose. Sample list templates are provided that give a user a head start towards creating a list that does exactly what is desired. Processing a list, whether it be creating a list,...

  • Latitude/Longitude Editor




    This application allows the user to input a well-defined latitude and longitude. Checks for format and range values help to prevent the user from inputting meaningless values. This application is intended to be used by applications that require a robust position editor. Initial values are...

  • Adv Int Flight Management Sys


    NOTE: Until more subsystems are developed for this application, there are two required, external applications that must be purchased to make this application operational: Density Altitude Calculator [Software AMDG] Winds Aloft Calculator [Software AMDG] This application allows the integrated...

  • Density Altitude Calculator




    This application determines density altitude given information typically found in weather reports such as ATIS and ASOS/AWOS. Dew point is an additional input that results in a more accurate density altitude. This application and Software AMDG's Winds Aloft Calculator will be the first two...

  • Aerial Navigator


    This application calculates the aerial navigation necessary to get to a desired aviation waypoint.

  • Waypoint Manager


    This application allows the user to manage aviation-relevant waypoints. This application is intended to be used by applications that provide navigation via waypoints. The initially select waypoint is input as an Android Intent object. The selected waypoint is output as an Android Intent...

  • Winds Aloft Calculator


    This application computes the actual winds aloft during a flight. The onboard GPS removes the need to compute ground track and ground speed leaving the pilot to enter only the magnetic heading and true airspeed.

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