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    Augmented Lightsaber

    Become the real jedi with this new Augmented Lightsaber. Change the blade color and hilt type to customize your saber. Move the phone around to get the different sounds of saber. Move the phone faster to get the hit sound and feel the vibrations. Slide down to hide all the icons and leave only the lightsaber to get the the most of it. Slide up to…

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    Download Cracked Display Prank Cracked Display Prank icon
    Cracked Display Prank

    Want to trick your friends? Use this application and fool them that they broke your phone. You can easily prank your friends that they broke the display in your phone. You can choose when the cracks will appear. They can appear either after some predefined time, after touch or after few touches. It's up to you to decide. Just select one of th…

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    Download Joe Platformer Free Joe Platformer Free icon
    Joe Platformer Free

    Joe Platformer is a free jump&run platformer game in the style of Super Mario Bros or Lep's World. It contains 5 worlds with 10 levels, what gives you 50 levels of great fun. Take Joe for the adventure of his life as he travels through colourful worlds, face the dangerous creatures, avoid deadly traps to finally reach home. Collect the sto…

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    Download Amazing Castle Defense Amazing Castle Defense icon
    Amazing Castle Defense

    Welcome to my Castle Defence game. Prepare to defend your castle. The enemy is at your door. Call to arms and send out your troops in this classic side scrolling tower defense game.Dont wait and be first to unleash your warriors and bring him down. Choose between different unit types, use some magic to heal your troops or to call the thunder strike…

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    Download Mood scanner Joke Mood scanner Joke icon
    Mood scanner Joke

    Do you want to prank your friends into thinking that your android phone can detect the mood they are in? It's not hard. Just install this application and you can start making jokes out of them. Use the detector to your advantage - you can have some influence on the output. Just tap in on the left side of the screen to get the 'good mood…

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    Download Heroes Heroes icon

    In the war torn kingdom five heroes stand to protect the lonely village from the rampaging hordes of bandits, skeletons, orcs and mummies. Heroes is a 2d platformer hack and slash game with bit of an RPG experience. Choose from one of the five available heroes:Wizard,Barbarian,Ranger,Archer or Knight. Travel throught four different level types, fi…

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    Download The Driver The Driver icon
    The Driver

    You are the delivery driver. You have plenty of packages to deliver to the customers and very little time. Hurry up before time runs out. Earn money and buy new fast cars. Deliver defined amount of packages to unlock new level. Have fun.

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