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    Battle Ludo




    Battle Ludo is a parcheesi-like game for Android with original features

  • 暗棋大戰Online




    《暗棋大戰Online》現已登錄 Android 平台! 《暗棋大戰Online》是一隻十分刺激的暗棋對戰遊戲, 考驗你的技巧及運氣, 是老少咸宜的經典遊戲! 還等什麼?快來挑戰一下,成為暗棋之皇! 遊戲特色: ★ 支援網上真人對戰 ★ 支援跨平台對戰 - iPhone/iPad/iOS 及 Android 手機 ★ 實時排行榜,挑戰全球玩家 ★ 支援繁簡中文 ★ 設計簡單,操作容易 ★ 精美畫面及音效 暗棋象棋(Dark Chess)亦可稱為盲棋(Blind Chess), 翻翻棋,台灣暗棋,半棋(Banqi),是中國象棋和象棋的變體....

  • Pat Pat Battle




    The 「PAT PAT BATTLE」is now available for Android ! 「PAT PAT BATTLE」is a collection of SIMPLE & ADDICTIVE games. It is one of the hardest game ever made in the world! It tests your limit and endurance ! Challenge the world record and your friends! ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGES?...

  • 揭棋Online - 暗象棋




    《揭棋Online》是一隻十分刺激的象棋遊戲, 保証你一玩便上癒,運氣技巧缺一不可, 是最好玩的其中一種象棋! 揭棋(暗象棋)是什麼? 揭棋亦稱潮州象棋,越南文稱為Cờ tướng úp、Cờ úp,使用整個中國象棋棋盤,開始時除了『帥』可保留原位,其他棋子要洗亂,然後放在正式象棋玩法的棋子位置。 棋子的走法? 第一次移動:依照它的位置在一般象棋玩法時的走法 第二次移動:按棋子本身走法 還等什麼?快來 『飛象過河、飛士過河』,成為揭棋Online之皇者! 遊戲特色: ★ 支援網上即時對戰 ★ 支援跨平台對戰 - Android 手機 及iPhone/iPad/iOS...

  • Battle Matchstick Puzzle




    「Battle Matchstick Puzzle 」is now available for Android! 「Battle Matchstick Puzzle 」 is a simple and addictive puzzle game! It is a classic puzzle game for everyone. The goal is to solve the puzzles by moving the matchsticks. How many puzzles can you solve? What are you waiting for? SOLVE...

  • Chinese Checkers




    Chinese Checkers is a Simple & Fun classic board game! Chinese checkers is a classic board game that can be played by two to six people! It is a variant of Halma. You would wonder why this simple game from childhood could still be this entertaining! Game Objective:...

  • Battle Finder




    BATTLE FINDER is a SUPER-ADDICTIVE brand-new Hidden Object Game There are many little things in the screen , you have to find out the objects within limited time. Enjoy this hidden object game with your friends and family ! Game Features: # 500+ creative objects # 120 levels are waiting...

  • Battle Find the Difference




    Battle Find the Difference with friends now ! 「Battle Find the Difference」is the classic game for you! It supports multiple game mode. You can co-operate with your friends together, or challenge people on the same machine! How fast can you spot 5 differences between 2 photos? Compete with your...

  • Happy Rainbow (Coin Pitch)




    ★★★ Classic Playground and Carnival game is now here! ★★★ HAPPY RAINBOW is an Addictive and Fun coins pitching game! Just like the games you would see at amusement parks, fairs, carnivals! Toss the coin onto the rainbow and get the Prizes! Full 3D rendering , and uses the first person...

  • Battle Find the Difference 2




    Find the difference with friends now !「Battle Find the Difference 2」is the classic game for you!. You can co-operate with your friends together or challenge people ! How fast can you spot 5 differences between 2 photos? Compete with your friends now! What are you waiting for ? JOIN THE BATTLE...

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