• Math Trainer




    Do you need to improve your mental math or are you learning mathematics and need a way to practice? Then this is the app for you! Use this app once a day and you will be better at mental math than you've ever been. FEATURES: Test your skills in addition, subtraction, division and...

  • Slogan Quiz




    How well do you know advertising slogans? You hear slogans all the time but how well do you know what company has what slogan? Find out in this slogan quiz! In this quiz you'll be presented with different slogans from all kinds of companies, can you solve them all? You will get a slogan and...

  • Typing Defender




    You work as a wizard and it is your job to defend the castle. Use different spells and attacks to keep the enemies away. If you enjoy typing games and castle defense games then this game is for you! The goal is to defend your castle. You do this by typing different words. Not only is this a fun...

  • Math Trainer Pro




    Differences between pro and free: - No ads! - Customization (change background color of all screens) Is your mental math as good as it used to be? Do you think you are better than most other at math? Are you just learning math and need a way to practice? Then this is the app for you! Use this...

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