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Digital Screen Modeller

The Digital Screen Modeller from Harkness Screens is a 3D simulation tool that allows architects, engineers and exhibitors to visualise and optimise digital cinema scenarios in a virtual environment. The information-rich model rapidly created by the Digital Screen Modeller enables key project stakeholders to make more informed decisions about digi…

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Soluis AR

Soluis AR can transform virtually any real life object or 2D media into real-time interactive 3D models and immersive digital content for mobile. If you’ve been given a Soluis trigger image or object (or happen to be standing front of one!) simply download and run Soluis AR and point your device at the trigger. Augmented content will then be deli…

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Digital Screen Calculator

Building upon Harkness Screens original Digital Screen Selector web app, the Digital Screen Calculator from Harkness Screens is a free utility that allows engineers and exhibitors to ensure that digital cinema investments are fully optimised. Quick and easy to use, the tool calculates the capabilities of equipment choices and provides recommendatio…

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Download NBS BIM Objects NBS BIM Objects icon
NBS BIM Objects

The NBS BIM Objects app provides access to a range of components from the current National BIM Library and enables the viewer to review the available models along with their associated data. These objects can be manipulated directly or alternatively activated using the in-built augmented reality function using the relevant tracker images. There is…

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Download Sparks AR App Sparks AR App icon
Sparks AR App

Download the Sparks AR App to learn more about the Urban Adventure. Once downloaded, open the Sparks AR App and hold your smartphone over the Urban Adventure page of the Deutsche Bank Proposal (the whole page) or the Sparks logo.

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Download Harkness XC Harkness XC icon
Harkness XC

Enter the interactive and captivating world of Clarus XC, the new breath-taking 2D/3D screen technology from Harkness Screens. Simply aim your camera at the Clarus XC logo to see content come to life and don’t forget to take a picture of the result and share it on Twitter or Facebook. #iamXtreme

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Download Digital Screen Archiver Digital Screen Archiver icon
Digital Screen Archiver

The Digital Screen Archiver from Harkness Screens is a secure cloud-based data capture and reporting tool that aids projectionists, managers, engineers and exhibitors to maintain their digital cinema auditoria. Quick and easy to use, the Digital Screen Archiver allows key digital cinema data such as auditoria geometry, power settings, lamp life a…

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Download Radisson BluPrint Radisson BluPrint icon
Radisson BluPrint

Bring Radisson Blu’s new BluPrint interior design scheme to life through the BluPrint augmented reality app. After obtaining a “trigger” card at an event, download the app to get a sneak preview of a BluPrint guestroom. Radisson Blu’s BluPrint provides the foundation of the new design scheme for our guest rooms, social and public spaces, and mee…

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Download City of Glasgow College City of Glasgow College icon
City of Glasgow College

Explore City of Glasgow College's two new campuses: Riverside (open August 2015) and City (open August 2016) using our free navigation and information app.

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The Data Lab

The Data Lab innovation centre app contains an animated video about data science and functionality to explore the data science education landscape in Scotland. The video explains the role of The Data Lab as a hub for data science in Scotland bringing together industry, academia and the public sector. This is launched by scanning The Data Lab marke…

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