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  • Sparks AR App

    Sparks AR App




    Download the Sparks AR App to learn more about the Urban Adventure. Once downloaded, open the Sparks AR App and hold your smartphone over the Urban Adventure page of the Deutsche Bank Proposal (the whole page) or the Sparks logo.

  • Digital Screen Modeller

    Digital Screen Modeller




    The Digital Screen Modeller from Harkness Screens is a 3D simulation tool that allows architects, engineers and exhibitors to visualise and optimise digital cinema scenarios in a virtual environment. The information-rich model rapidly created by the Digital Screen Modeller enables key project...

  • Digital Screen Calculator

    Digital Screen Calculator




    Building upon Harkness Screens original Digital Screen Selector web app, the Digital Screen Calculator from Harkness Screens is a free utility that allows engineers and exhibitors to ensure that digital cinema investments are fully optimised. Quick and easy to use, the tool calculates the...

  • Soluis AR

    Soluis AR




    Soluis AR can transform virtually any real life object or 2D media into real-time interactive 3D models and immersive digital content for mobile. If you’ve been given a Soluis trigger image or object (or happen to be standing front of one!) simply download and run Soluis AR and point your...

  • Harkness XC

    Harkness XC


    Enter the interactive and captivating world of Clarus XC, the new breath-taking 2D/3D screen technology from Harkness Screens. Simply aim your camera at the Clarus XC logo to see content come to life and don’t forget to take a picture of the result and share it on Twitter or Facebook. #iamXtreme

  • Homecoming AR

    Homecoming AR


    Homecoming AR is Soluis’s dedicated Augmented Reality (AR) Application for Scottish Development International, and uses AR to bring SDI’s Homecoming Scotland poster to life. Simply download and run the app, point your device at the Homecoming image and enjoy the content! Homecoming AR...

  • Digital Screen Archiver

    Digital Screen Archiver




    The Digital Screen Archiver from Harkness Screens is a secure cloud-based data capture and reporting tool that aids projectionists, managers, engineers and exhibitors to maintain their digital cinema auditoria. Quick and easy to use, the Digital Screen Archiver allows key digital cinema data...

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