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  • Seven Stars

    Seven Stars




    Mission of the game is to get all the 7 stars down in minimum moves. Tap on the arrow bubble to burst it. But choose such a bubble which is pointing to another bubble and which again points to another one and so on.. Try bursting as many bubbles as you can in one pop. Popping bubbles was always...

  • Way Out

    Way Out




    ***** Very challenging and exciting Puzzle Game ***** ***** Finding my way out has always been fun for me - user review Its a very new, Innovative and challengingmaze puzzle game with 200+ levels Your aim is to roll the smiley to the exit hole by creating a path in the board as you move ahead...

  • Go (Baduk) School

    Go (Baduk) School




    Welcome to Go School!!! Let’s learn Go(Baduk). This application (Beginner 1) is for beginners who just started to learn and play Go, which consists of the best qualified Go contents. You can learn Go step by step in an easy and interesting way with this game. 1) Supports English, Korean, and...

  • Box Cricket

    Box Cricket




    Cricket game Fan! Try this free cricket game! Have you ever played real Box Cricket? If not this Free Street Cricket game is for you! Its a complete Physics based game.. Play Cricket in your gully and score fours and sixes. Your player is completely flexible and you can make him play many...

  • Crystal-Maze





    -- Looks simple, Rules are simple, Controls are simple, Starts Simple, BUT Winning is not simple. --- Crystal-Maze is a Fast, Unique and New maze game. Unlike other maze or labyrinth game, the blocks of this game are rotating. Your aim is to roll the crystal to the green hole by creating a path...

  • Block Out 3

    Block Out 3




    Its a very challenging puzzle game. Roll the block over this way and over that way to get it to fall in the hole. Features:
- 108 levels - it has gradual flow starting from very easy to moderate and then to expert levels 
- Free Play mode to just play without any restriction and challenge. 

  • Crazy Cricket

    Crazy Cricket




    They say its Free, They say its Addictive, They say its Simple, They say its Tempting, We say - it's CRICKET. A very new and FREE CRICKET game for you. Do you think Cricket is a easy game? Think again!! With Crazy cricket, you will find Cricket as far more easier than what easy is. Just be a...

  • Marwaris




    FREE is a social networking platform for Marwari Community. It connects all rajasthani people by family relations, creating the biggest collaborative family tree ever. Purpose is to find relation between every two marwaris..

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