• Cinavision TV




    Cinavision World is Making Life Easier with a World of online channels, games, apps, online shopping and other world wide web information, available right there on your Smart devices (TV, dongle, tablet or phone) PC and Mac via your browser.

  • V Education




    V-Education is a new exciting online educational program such as Chinese & English for all ages. Contact us today for further information.

  • Blastoids




    Blast your way through four levels of high adrenaline pumping space shoot'em up action. Collect power ups to improve your weapons and defeat the boss at the end of each level.

  • Tac-Star Deluxe




    Tac Star Deluxe is a gentle paced strategy game set in the depths of space. The object of the game is to capture all the planets to defeat your opponent. The first level is a tutorial level and demonstrates how to capture planets in order to build starbases, defenses and industrial...

  • Lockdown Necrosis - Zombies




    Lockdown Necrosis is an action packed top down shooter. You play as a security officer in Monolithic Corporation tasked with the job of putting down a zombie outbreak in a research facility. Collect ammunition and cash from dead zombies, upgrade your equipment, your weapons and rank as you...

  • Breathing for Life




    Breathing for Life is all about relaxing by altering your breathing technique. By applying abdominal breathing techniques one can learn to relax.

  • Warring Realms




    Warring Realms is an easy to play strategy game where the objective is to defeat your enemies by capturing all of their territories. There are five factions to select from and you can play against 1 to 4 AI opponents. The map is randomly generated each game. Follow the tutorial for a basic...

  • Flames of Vengeance




    A fantasy action game which pits you against hordes of goblins, skeletons, fiends and a mighty dragon. Wander the map and recruit warriors to fight alongside you. Collect gold coins by slaying your foes and destroying their strongholds. Visit shops and upgrade your warriors' weapons and...

  • Tac-Star




    A fast paced race to capture the planets between you and the computer. Now 50 levels of frantic action. Each level you must capture planets by bringing more space craft to the planet than your foe. Enemies fight it out when contesting a planet. The computer thinks quickly, and so must you if...

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