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  • α Library (by Sony)




    α Library (A Library) is the window to the world realized with Sony α product. The catalog αlenses will bring you to a new world to expand your choice of lenses. α: magazine will inspire your creativeness with stunning images shot by α lenses.

  • Quick remote:TV SideView Sony




    TV SideView is a Quick remote control & TV Guide app from Sony that makes your TV viewing life more convenient. With your mobile device, you can discover programs with the TV Guide and watch on TV.For existing Media Remote app users, Sony's TV SideView app offers additional...

  • PlayMemories Online




    PlayMemories Online is a cloud service for photos and videos by Sony. ・Using All Sync, any number of photos taken on your smartphone are safely stored automatically for free. ・Easily create a memorable photo collection and share it with family and friends. ★ Recommended for: ・Those who are...

  • PWS Manager




    “PWS Manager” is a dedicated application for “Portable Wireless Server” from Sony. Connect “Portable Wireless Server” to your Android device via Wi-Fi and you can browse the content in “Portable Wireless Server” and operate (copy, delete and so on) using this App. Main features of PWS...

  • Wireless Studio Mobile




    [Description] Wireless Studio Mobile is an application that allows you to monitor or operate Sony digital wireless system (DWX series) via a Wi-Fi router on your smartphone or tablet. ・Monitoring function  Two types of views are available. One shows RF level, QL level, AF peak, Battery status...

  • Smart B-Trainer for Running




    Smart B-Trainer は、ランニングログの計測と音楽再生を1台で実現する「スポーツデバイス」と「アプリケーション」の組み合わせにより、楽しく効率的なトレーニングができる、新しい "Smart Sports Gear" です。 本アプリケーションは、ソニー スポーツデバイス 『SSE-BTR1』と連携するランニングアプリケーション "Smart B-Trainer for Running" です。 ランニングログの記録・管理に加え、多彩なトレーニングメニューの提供により、トレーニングを楽しく効率的にサポートします。...

  • HDD Audio Remote




    HDD Audio Remote is a mobile application that allows you to operate compatible HDD AUDIO PLAYER models using your smartphone or tablet. The application allows you to operate HDD AUDIO PLAYER easily using specialized functions that are only possible in a mobile application, such as the “Full...

  • Remote app:PlayMemories Mobile




    PlayMemories Mobile is a free application that makes your Wi-Fi compatible Sony camera use more convenient. You can enjoy the following features by connecting your camera with a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. ■Send photos and videos to your smartphone -You can easily send photos or videos taken...

  • 8.1

    Socialife News: News my way




    News and social timelines, all merged in one single app

  • Voice Control extension




    Voice Control for Sony's SmartBand Talk/SmartEyeglass Voice Control is an application that lets you command your device with just your voice. How to speak to SmartBand Talk: 1. Press the function key repeatedly to select Voice Control. 2. When the Voice Control icon appears, firmly tap the...

  • 外からテレビ視聴:TV SideViewプレーヤープラグイン




    **重要** ・本プラグインは単体では動作しません。必ず「TV SideView」アプリ(無料)の最新版をインストールして、ご使用ください。 「TV SideView」アプリ(無料)のダウンロードはこちら ・Android 5.0端末をお使いのお客様へ Android 5.0端末での動作については以下のページをご覧ください。

  • SongPal:Bluetooth/Wi-Fi remote




    SongPal is a mobile application dedicated for the Wireless Audio Devices from Sony. It allows you to browse and play the audio contents in the Audio Device by connecting via Bluetooth® technology or Wi-Fi. Refer the help guide for the compatible devices. - Main Feature Play the music contents...

  • Smart Tennis Sensor




    You can see tennis like never before. This app is for SONY'S Smart Tennis Sensor "SSE-TN1". By using Smart Tennis Sensor and this app, you can easily check data on the tennis court like never before, such as ball impact position, ball rotation, ball speed, swing speed, etc. You...

  • SmartEyeglass




    This is the official Sony application for SmartEyeglass”SED-E1". With this app, you will be able to control various settings of SmartEyeglass and use (extention) apps for SmartEyeglass. To use this accessory app, you need to install Smart Connect on your Android smartphone. NOTE:This...

  • Action Cam App




    Quick and easy creation of eye-catching movies ・Easily,, cut, trim and make slow motion videos. ・Flip videos vertically/horizontally and add music to create impressive videos. ・Transfer videos easily to mobile devices via Wi-Fi ・Create high quality 720 30p (HD) or 1080 30p/60p (Full HD) videos....

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