• Shiny Stripes Live Wallpaper




    Makes your wallpaper shine and glow with beautiful stripes! It's highly customizable, you'd have tons of variations to fit your taste: choose the colors, sizes and glowing speed, the whole scene of stripes can be also rotated and moved to get unique position. Just give it a try! After...

  • Blink Live Wallpaper Free




    Please your eyes with this colorful blinking shapes wallpaper! Fit your taste easily by customizing: * The shape type (circle, ring, penta circle, heart) * Number and sizes of shapes * Color schemes (try hearts in red!) * Interactive behavior If you want more customization or have any...

  • Ring Blocks




    A stacking puzzle game derived from Tetris®. The rules are simple - stack the shapes on top of each other to remove as many filled rows as possible. Played on a 3D ring (torus, cylinder) surface, i.e. there are no left and right "walls". Controls support buttons and touch gestures....

  • Dots




    A popular brain game played by two people traditionally on a sheet of squared paper. Also known as "kropki" and "tochki" (точки). Each player takes turn to colour a node of the grid and aims to create regions of territory that surround the opponent's points. The winner is...

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