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  • Los llamados de Tangalanga




    un homenaje a un genio del humor telefonico, realizada por fanaticos del dr. Tangalanga!! luego agregaremos mas llamados, o pueden pedirlos por email!! Instrucciones: debido a que cada llamado dura 10 minutos, la aplicacion se puede minimizar, y si quieren parar el llamado la vuelven a abrir y...

  • Sound effects




    The best sounds in your android now. Use it at school, at work, everywhere. Sounds always liked you, you can have it as ringtone. key words: botonera soundboard effects horn blink fart gun censored charan split kombat mortal skyrim mario bros run cricket cuac cua ugly sounds instant button launcher

  • Bananero Soundboard




    Be the life of the party and have fun with the best sounds of the banana. The pendant with the words of Ivan, Harry, Rambo, The Hulk, Batman, Spiderman and all the fantastic characters of banana, now at your fingertips! They just have to download and enjoy! for more sounds or whatever you want...

  • The Inspector




    Do we have office mates tired? I always leave with the same questions boludas? To spend our voice to respond if we can use the keypad of the inspector. Yes, the keypad chronic inspector, now at your fingertips. Learn to meet people, as does the inspector! Simple, easy and fun! Ideal for splitting...

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