• ShakeRinger





    You can make a phone call by shaking your phone!! You can operate your phone only by simple motions and minimum key touch!! Simple huge button user interface prevent you to make a miss operation likely happen on touch pannel device.To make a phone call just shaking. You can also select the...

  • PMU





    You can check your location and ask somebody to pick you up by the phone call or e-mail with Google map. It must be really helpful when you get lost. You can also specify the exact position in your farm to ask somebody to pick up your product to the market. Advanced version is also available...

  • PMU2



    You can check your location and let somebody know your location by the phone call or by an e-mail. Google map of your location and address will be send to your friend automatically. It must be really helpful when you get lost. 3G connection is now available even at the top of the highest mountain.

  • FacePaint





    Drawing App for children.(But it is also fun for adult) This is a drawing App for touch-panel devices. You can also change the background picture to mom for children, your manager for adult! Let's try!

  • Prat2Skriv





    Speech-to-Text App! You can send an e-mail or twitter message just by twittering in selected languages. Non alphabetic languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean are also available. You can change your locale and speak anything in many languages only by few clicks.

  • Global Searcher

    Global Searcher




    This application help you to make a "voice search" in many languages. It is really helpful to get local information in local language. You can also check your pronunciation of your second language. For this sense, it is really funny toy!! Japanese and Chinese are also...

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