• Chima Vidoes HD

    Chima Vidoes HD




    This is lego legendof chima videos. Play wifi or LTE Network.

  • Blow bubbe and touch

    Blow bubbe and touch




    Blow bubble If you blow into mic then you can see bubble. Pop the bubble is created by finger touch. From the Options menu, you can choose four kinds of background. Like you made ​​the bubbles with your fingers? Create now blowing bubbles. bubble pop bubblepop kids Galaxy S-class will work...

  • Kids Shake Touch

    Kids Shake Touch




    [Kids Shake Touch] This application, kids tambourine, maracas, and shake or triangle, castanets are touching the rhythm of play. Shaking or touching, depending on the instrument features a sensor using Touch and Shake was created. When playing with multiple phones more fun.

  • CrazyTiger





    [CrazyTiger,Crazy Tiger] Are you boring? Feeling blue? Download "CrazyTiger" and play. You will smile in 10 seconds. You can select tiger's voice and background. Funny Just smile.

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