• CallTime Manager




    AND do not overdo it at the time of your toll-free numbers, thought the companies in which the first 5 minutes (actually 4 minutes 30 seconds) are free with the app will sound an alarm to 4 (or the minute you put) minutes 10 seconds, long enough to tell the person you redial, it also features...

  • Word Dojo




    La app para los talibanes de la ortografía. Inicia la lucha por determinar quien sabe más de ortografía corrigiendo aquello que publican tus amigos en Facebook. La buena ortografía es una arte de guerra que pocos en este mundo caótico lleno de "ola ke ace?" pueden dominar. Por eso entra...

  • Super2ME




    Shopping list Calculator, where you can calculate the TOTAL of your list, and track what is in your shopping car. You Can: *Create one or multiple lists for a place or any particular activity you want *You can edit names, quantities and prices of the items you add *the List will calculate the...

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