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  • SP Weather Forecast

    SP Weather Forecast




    SP Weather Forecast is a great tool to follow with the changes in weather. It gives you list of locations you like to know the weather details for. You can view Current weather conditions (including Feels Like(C°/F°), Wind, Humidity, UV Index and Visibility), 3-Hourly, 36-Hourly and 5-day...

  • SP Birthday Tracker

    SP Birthday Tracker




    The system enables user to know all the information about the upcoming birthday details like Name, Date of Birth, Zodiac signs, Age, days left for the birthday etc. The user can create a new list where s/he will be able to add friends birthday details, create notification date and time, set ring...

  • SP Blackjack

    SP Blackjack




    The object of the game is for the total of your cards to be closer to 21 than the dealer cards, without exceeding 21. SP Blackjack is played with standard deck of 52 cards. The aim is to beat the Dealer's hand by either getting a better hand, or by the Dealer's hand going Bust. Best view...

  • SP Mortgage EMI Calculator

    SP Mortgage EMI Calculator




    SP Mortgage EMI calculator will calculate your home loan EMI, based on the inputs Loan amount, Rate of Interest and Tenure (in years). Users can set the values from seek bar or by clicking on the respective pencil icon.

  • SP TeachMe KinderGarten

    SP TeachMe KinderGarten




    The application entitled "SP TeachMe KinderGarten" enables users to create a fun mathematics. This application enables user to answer simple mathematical question with addition and subtraction of random number for 0 to 9.

  • SP Lucky Flip

    SP Lucky Flip


    Wanna flip a coin for a hard decision?This app let you try your luck.

  • SP ToDoList

    SP ToDoList




    The application “SP ToDoList” enables users to add, edit or delete a Task and Event. This application enables user to create or edit a Task with Task name, Deadline, Priority and also enables user to create or edit an Event with Event name, Starts, Ends date and time and able to set Ring Tone...

  • SP Worlds Festivals

    SP Worlds Festivals




    SP Worlds Festivals gives information and forthcoming dates of festivals like Ramzan, Diwali and Christmas and so on for all religions. By default, the application will display the list of festivals in India for the current month. Based on the country and month selected, the application will...

  • SP World Currencies

    SP World Currencies




    SP World Currencies contains the top 72 currencies listed alphabetically with euro currency as base.

  • SP Kids Paint

    SP Kids Paint




    The system enables users to create their own paintings. This application contains a cute icon menu with the features like select Background color, clear screen, save image, take picture, import picture and Eraser. User will be able to paint with random colors and erase all the paintings made with...

  • SP Finger Paint

    SP Finger Paint




    SP Finger paint is a free touch painting application. This is a Simple, easy, and Fun application which contains a cute icon menu contains functions like background color, line color & thickness, line patterns, eraser, clear screen, save image, take photo, kid mode, select image from device,...

  • SP Free Dictionary

    SP Free Dictionary




    SP Free Dictionary is a Free English Dictionary that gives you English definitions and synonyms. The product does not use any device memory or memory card. Supports Quick Search Box. The application delivers trusted meanings, synonyms, similar and related words to help you make your writing and...

  • SP BMI Calculator

    SP BMI Calculator




    Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. Now you can use SP BMI Calculator application to find out your body mass index and fitness on your mobile based on your height and weight. Available in pounds and kilogram units. This software does not consume any...

  • SP World Clock

    SP World Clock




    SP World Clock gives you world time at your fingertips - while you travel across Time Zones or do business overseas and across the country. It automatically calculates the day light saving. It gives you the time and current weather details of 4 cities at a time. Easy Scroll through and instant...

  • SP Stock Market

    SP Stock Market




    SP Stock Market is a great tool to follow with the changes in market. It gives you market specific details including: Last, Open, High, Low, Volume, Previous Close, Change Points, Change % etc. You can view details of 5 markets on the screen. Check out all the markets - BSE, Dow Jones, S&P...

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