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TextOnly Browser

Previously known as TextOnly Browser TextOnly is a browser/reader which reduces data usage by 80-90% by displaying only readable content from webpages/webpages.It strips unwanted content like ads,scripts/images etc. New Features - Articles can be downloaded for Offline reading - Bookmarks has been fixed - Easy navigation NewYork Times -http:…

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Atlantic Ocean Tsunami Alerter

Receive instant Tsunami alerts for Atlantic Ocean on your Android! There is a higher probability of Tsunami in Atlantic similar to that of Dec 2004 Tsunami in Indian Ocean.On November 1,1755 - A Tsunami in Atlantic Ocean wiped out the entire city of Lisbon in Portugal!!And the Tsunami's in Atlantic ocean may also affect nearly the whole of…

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Pacific Ocean Tsunami Alerter

Receive instant Tsunami alerts for Pacific Ocean on your Android For all those who are giving it 1 stars due to the alerts it didn't generate on Oct28th,I will be looking at the code and moving this app to a new server.So that it would work fine at any time.(It didn't generate alerts because its gets the feed from PTWC and not ATWC which i…

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PlayText - Podcaster

PlayText converts readable content from any webpage or a website into a Podcast.The podcast can be either downloaded to phone or can be streamed directly. Features: 1.Hear the Podcast of any webpage 2.Download the Podcasts and save it to your android. 3.In-built media player for playing the downloaded Podcasts 4.Stream the Podcasts without wait…

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TextOnly Reader Pro

TextOnly (Ads Free) is a browser/reader which reduces data usage by 80-90% by displaying only readable content from webpages.It strips unwanted content like ads,scripts,images etc. This is Ads free version of the popular TextOnly Browser which has been mentioned in topsites.(See below) NewYork Times -…

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TechMeme - Reader

This app just displays readable content from TechMeme links by stripping scripts,ads and images from a webpage.(TechMeme+Readability) Features: 1.Easy way to read techmeme links 2.Links can be shared via Facebook,Twitter, 3.Less time to load the content It's based upon TextOnly Browser for Android. TextOnly Browser -…

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TextHer is a peer to peer messaging/texting app where messages are directly sent from one phone to another without being routed through or stored on any servers. Messages will be directly sent from one phone to another using data connection.It enables private and secured conversation between any two individuals. Sending a message: To send a mess…

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Read Tweets

Read Tweets displays only readable content from tweeted links or articles by stripping unwanted content like ads and scripts. Features: 1.Loads Tweeted articles/links very fast 2.Displays only Readable content 3.Reduces Data usage 4.Reduces time taken to load the webpages How it works? Loads the mobile webpage of Twitter,Sign in with Twitter cred…

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