Download Simple Stopwatch Simple Stopwatch icon

Simple Stopwatch

A very easy to use and minimalistic stopwatch, that allows you to perf...

Free | 8 6.1K

8 Users
Download Space Piano Space Piano icon

Space Piano

Enjoy this brilliant Piano App fresh from the Spaceware Laboratories....

Free | 7.2 1.6K

7.2 Users
Download Micro Stopwatch Micro Stopwatch icon

Micro Stopwatch

A very cool and stylish stopwatch. The intuitive design makes it reall...

Free | 7.8 926

7.8 Users
Download Micro Metal Detector Micro Metal Detector icon

Micro Metal Detector

This app allows you to measure and scan the magnetic field. Warns you,...

Free | 7 891

7 Users
Download Micro Metronome Micro Metronome icon

Micro Metronome

This is a beautiful metronome that is really easy to handle. You can c...

Free | 7.6 759

7.6 Users
Download Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector icon

Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector

A great tool to measure the strength of magnetic fields. Can also be u...

Free | 7.2 780

7.2 Users
Download Simple Metronome Simple Metronome icon

Simple Metronome

With this app you get a powerful metronome that is very easy to handle...

Free | 7.4 565

7.4 Users
Download Night Compass Classic Night Compass Classic icon

Night Compass Classic

A compass for the night - and day. Switch with one click between night...

Free | 7.8 490

7.8 Users
Download Micro Spirit Level + Compass Micro Spirit Level + Compass icon

Micro Spirit Level + Compass

This is a very easy to use and accurate spirit level, that comes with...

Free | 8.4 428

8.4 Users
Download Master Spirit Level Master Spirit Level icon

Master Spirit Level

Enjoy this stylish and professional spirit level! Despite looking tota...

Free | 8.2 427

8.2 Users
Download Master Metal Detector Master Metal Detector icon

Master Metal Detector

This app turns your phone into a powerful magnetometer, and will show...

Free | 7.2 428

7.2 Users
Download FLOW - A Space Drum Saga FLOW - A Space Drum Saga icon

FLOW - A Space Drum Saga

FLOW - A Space Drum Saga merges adventure and rhythm gameplay

Free | 6.9 764

6.9 Expert

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