SparTech Software

  • Meter Master Free




    Meter Master is the ultimate meter/sensor toolkit. Meter Master detects all available sensors on your phone and provides you insight into the inner workings of the sensor hardware. You may view all sensor readings on a single screen where you can drill down into details on the hardware and...

  • Ego the (rude) Chat Bot




    From the home of Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab, we present the website's star attraction in a format you can enjoy on your mobile device. Meet Ego, the lab robot. Can you take Ego's verbal jabs? Can you take an insult without bursting into tears? If you have soft skin then look...

  • Altered Dimensions Paranormal




    Altered Dimensions was created due to our love of the strange, the unusual, and the unexplained. Since the dawn of time Man has been constantly inundated with unanswered questions, mystical puzzles, and strange events. Even in our current day, with our advanced technologies and unequaled access...

  • Bible Blender (Pre-Release)




    Bible Blender provides an interesting take on the Bible. Engage yourself with our easy to understand biblical stories and in-depth parent notes, learn the scientific and archeological history behind the story, read the Bible verses themselves, and learn how the biblical story applies to us...

  • Funny Grins Jokepedia Pro


    Life’s short – make fun of it! Humor has been described as surprise, without threat or promise. It is when an expected future is replaced with an unexpected future. The more unexpected the event or action, the more humorous we find it. And when something is humorous, we laugh or smile. Why...

  • Funny Grins




    Life’s short – make fun of it! Funny Grins – brought to you buy the makers of the Funny Grins website. Thousands of funny jokes, outlandish pictures, hilarious videos, and other zany humor guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Jokes and stories are grouped by category or topic and there are...

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