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City Distance

City Distance gives you the possbility to get the distance (Driving / air line in km / miles) between two places from all over the world. Just enter the from- and to-address box and click the "Get distance" button. The calculated route can furthermore be viewed directly in Google Maps. There is also the possibility to automatically det…

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Download Auto App2SD Auto App2SD icon
Auto App2SD

*Developed and tested on Cyanogenmod 7 firmware* *Other firmwares _may_ also work* *Requires root* Auto App2SD lets you move all installed apps from the phone to the sd card (and also the other way round) without the need of moving each app manually. Just select all apps you would like to move, click the "move" button and the app will d…

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Download Music Charts Deluxe Music Charts Deluxe icon
Music Charts Deluxe

Music Charts Deluxe shows the current rankings of music toplists from more than 50 countries all over the world. Furthermore you can directly watch the corresponding music videos via Youtube app or website. A data update containing the most recent song rankings is provided once a week. Data provided (amongst others) by partners: last.fm / world-d…

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Download Shutdown Timer Shutdown Timer icon
Shutdown Timer

*Developed and tested on Cyanogenmod 7 firmware* *Other firmwares may also work* *Requires root* Schedule your device to shutdown / reboot / hot reboot / switch into Flight mode at a certain time. Just select the time and action to perform and click the schedule button.

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Download GPS Maps GPS Maps icon
GPS Maps

GPS Maps shows you the most relevant GPS data and your current position (on a google or open street map) at one view. Following data is shown: 1st row: GPS bearing, cardinal direction 2nd row: Latitude, longitude 3rd row: Speed, altitude 4rd row: Accuracy, satellites in use, satellites in view The app can be fully customized to fit your needs: -S…

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Download Clear Cache Clear Cache icon
Clear Cache

With Clear Cache you can clear all the Android caches on your device. Just hit the button and the corresponding cache on your device will be cleared. This can speed-up your device and of course it also helps to get more free internal memory. Features: -Clear App cache -Clear Partition cache (needs root) -Clear Dalvik cache (needs root) -Show the c…

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Download Event Countdown Widget Event Countdown Widget icon
Event Countdown Widget

Event Countdown Widget is a Widget that shows you the time left to a certain event. Just enter the event name and it's date / time and add the widget to your homescreen. The widget can be highly customized by selecting a custom image, the text colors, widget style and more. Multiple Event Countdown Widgets can be added. Have fun :) Note: As…

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Download Contacts Backup Ultimate Contacts Backup Ultimate icon
Contacts Backup Ultimate

Contacts Backup Ultimate backups all your contacts including contact photos and also gives you the possiblity to restore a backup. Following contact data gets backuped (if available): -Name -Contact photo -Phones -EMails -Addresses -Events -IMs (Instant Messenger) -Nicknames -Notes -Organizations -Relations -SIP Addresses -Websites -Some more gene…

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Download WiFi Internet Finder WiFi Internet Finder icon
WiFi Internet Finder

You know the situation: You're anywhere, need internet access and got lots of open wifi hotspots within reach. Trying each hotspot by hand? No!!! WiFi Internet Finder automatically connects to one after the other wifi hotspot and tries to get internet access for you. If a hotspot providing internet access was found, the app immediately stops…

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Download Car HUD Deluxe Car HUD Deluxe icon
Car HUD Deluxe

Car HUD Deluxe turns your device into a complete HUD (Heads-Up-Display) for your car. Just place the device on the dashboard, tap the screen and the app will switch into HUD mode projecting to the windshield. Following data is shown: -GPS Speed -Time -Weather conditions -Locality info -Streetname The app can be fully customized to fit your needs…

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