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Easiest and funny Strategy game

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  • SpeedyMarks Apps

    SpeedyMarks Apps




    Quick access to all Android and mobile web applications from SpeedyMarks. Save space on your home screen and don't miss new releases.

  • SpeedyMarks Pairs

    SpeedyMarks Pairs




    Train your memory and play a game of Pairs with the SpeedyMarks icons. How to play (in case you don't know): - Tap one card - Tap a second card - If cards match, they are removed - If cards don't match, they become hidden again - Play until all cards are removed Keywords: pairs, card,...

  • Seasons





    Countdown to the exact start time of the next seasons. Features: - for the northern and southern hemisphere - animated background Keywords: countdown, count, calendar, astronomy, counter, spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, north, south, hemisphere, time, year

  • Smooth Clock Free

    Smooth Clock Free




    Turn your device into a clock with a smoothly animated background. Features: - toggle between day and night mode - choose from 3 different animations - animate random, rainbow or gray colors - 3 different animation speeds - supports the 12 and 24 hour format Ad supported freeware Keywords:...

  • Car Counter Free

    Car Counter Free




    Ease the pain of long journeys for your kids by counting cars with different colors. See which color wins or just count them indefinitely. Ad supported freeware Keywords color, travel, boring, kids, road, highway, count, journey, fun, entertainment, freeway, interstate, holidays

  • Special Days Free

    Special Days Free




    See the schedule and countdown to upcoming and current special days, like Towel Day, Pi Day, Earth Day and much more. Features: - Share event dates - Look up special days on Wikipedia - Switch between modern light and dark traditional design - Animated background Ad supported freeware...

  • Heaptop





    Stay on top of the heap and have all relevant information for the moment in one view. Customize your ?Heaptop info board by adding different widgets for time, calendar, location and much more. Features: - fully customizable info board: add and remove widgets, drag and drop for reorder - widgets...

  • Units Free

    Units Free




    Convert between many units from several categories and different unit systems (metric, imperial, ...). Features: - categories: length, temperature, capacity, weight, energy, power, pressure, area - access previous conversions from the history list - categories have different colors (in the...

  • Multi Task Timer Free

    Multi Task Timer Free




    Multi Task Timer monitors the completion of a group of task with a common deadline. This is the perfect app while doing e.g. multiple choice tests. Just setup the number of tasks and the total duration and start the timer. Press 'Next Task' when a task is finished. Features: - Shows...

  • Just Search - Free

    Just Search - Free




    Search the WWW quickly with different search engines and services. Features: - Keeps a history list of your searches - Orders the engines automatically by the least recently used first - Pin your default engines to one of the first 4 spots - Add, edit and remove search engines - Find search...

  • Car Plates A-CH Free

    Car Plates A-CH Free




    Don't travel to Austria or Switzerland without this database of the license plate signs of both countries. The letter code denotes the different regions and cantons. You can search for the code, the region, the cantons and filter by countries. The application helps you to collect all...

  • Snow - Free

    Snow - Free




    Do you want to go skiing, snow boarding, sleighing or just out of the door? This application shows the chance of snow and the total expected snowfall of the next ski resort for your current or any other location (after upgrade). The free version shows the snow for St. Moritz/Switzerland only....

  • Seasons Free

    Seasons Free




    Countdown to the exact start time of the next seasons. Features: - for the northern and southern hemisphere - animated background Ad supported freeware Keywords: countdown, count, calendar, astronomy, counter, spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, north, south,...

  • Group Mail Free

    Group Mail Free




    This app makes sending of emails to a group of receivers as easy as possible. Manage different lists for family, friends, work and so on. Features: - manage different lists of email receivers - add names and email addresses from your contacts - choose who receives the email on CC or BCC -...

  • Basketball Free

    Basketball Free




    Play basketball on your phone or tablet. First practice and then try to hit as often as possible with 20 shots or with a limited number of attempts per hit. How to play: Tap and hold the ball and drag the finger into the direction you want to shoot. The length determines the speed of the shot....