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Download Temperature Free Temperature Free icon
Temperature Free

This application shows the current local outdoor temperature, measured by a nearby weather station for which it uses your current location. Features: - shows a different background color for temperature - the temperature is automatically updated every 30min - toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius - the location is automatically updated when you m…

Free 5.4K 7.4

7.4 Users
Download Thesaurus Free Thesaurus Free icon
Thesaurus Free

Retrieve the synonym for every word. If available you will get antonyms, related terms, similar word and user suggestions too. Tap one of the results to start a quick new search for that term. It keeps a history list of your search terms as well. Thesaurus service provided by words.bighugelabs.com Ad supported freeware

Free 4K 7.2

7.2 Users
Download Translator Translator icon

Translates words, phrases and whole sentences between different languages using Googles language translation service. It can even detect your source language. Whether you want to learn a foreign language, fresh up your skills, travel abroad or just curious this Android application will help. Keywords: language, translator, foreign, translation, au…

Free 2.4K 7.2

7.2 Users
Download Altitude Free Altitude Free icon
Altitude Free

This altimeter delivers the altitude of your current position either from the device (GPS) or from the ASTER digital elevation model (with a horizontal accuracy of 30m). Depending on your current position and your device one of the two methods is more correct. Using GPS on the device is known for a large error in the altitude for difficult receive…

Free 759 6.2

6.2 Users
Download Wind Free Wind Free icon
Wind Free

Do you want to go sailing, windsurfing, biking, kting, drone flying or just out of the door? This application shows the current local outdoor wind speed (in beaufort, mph, km/h, m/s and knots) and direction, measured by a nearby weather station for which it uses your current location. Features: - the background color changes with the wind speed -…

Free 614 7.2

7.2 Users
Download Basketball Free Basketball Free icon
Basketball Free

Play basketball on your phone or tablet. First practice and then try to hit as often as possible with 20 shots or with a limited number of attempts per hit. How to play: Tap and hold the ball and drag the finger into the direction you want to shoot. The length determines the speed of the shot. Release the finger to shoot. The ball bounces realisti…

Free 480 7.4

7.4 Users
Download Moon Phases Moon Phases icon
Moon Phases

Countdown to the exact time of the next moon phases: full moon, new moon and first and last quarter. Features: - blue moon and black moon detection - shows current moon cover - shows the last phase for 1 day after the event Ad supported freeware Keywords: countdown, count, moon, full, new, first, last, quarter, phase, calendar, luna, celestial,…

Free 268 7

7 Users
Download Hockey Hockey icon

See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming und running NHL hockey games. Updated for Season 2015/2016 Ad supported freeware

Free 284 6

6 Users
Download Baseball Baseball icon

See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming and current MLB baseball games. Updated for season 2016 Ad supported freeware

Free 200 7.4

7.4 Users
Download Racing Racing icon

See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming Nascar, Indycar and Formula One races. Updated for racing season 2017 Ad supported freeware

Free 212 6.8

6.8 Users
Download SpeedoMeter Free SpeedoMeter Free icon
SpeedoMeter Free

This application helps to calculate the average velocity over a given distance. Use this to measure e.g. your walking and running speed or to calibrate your car speedometer. It doesn't use GPS so it works on the iPod Touch as well. How to use: 1. Find a known distance and enter it into the Distance field. 2. Get ready and press Start when yo…

Free 227 4.4

4.4 Users