Easiest and funny Strategy game

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  • Basketball


    Play basketball on your phone. First practice and then try to hit as often as possible with 20 shots or with a limited number of attempts per hit. How to play: Tap and hold the ball and drag the finger into the direction you want to shoot. The length determines the speed of the shot. Release the...

  • Checklist




    Create and manage all sorts of checklists. E.g. for travel, sports and things to do or to remember. Features: - Multiple checklists - check and uncheck the items on each list - reset all items to unchecked - hide checked items - e-mail items - bulk add multiple items - rename, rearrange lists...

  • Egg Race Free




    Remember the old egg spoon races on kids birthday parties? Now you don't need an egg and spoon anymore. Just run it from your device and your kids are ready to go. Even better there won't be any dirt from dropped eggs on the floor. You can choose between a classic and modern game. While...

  • Chess Clock Free




    A chess clock consists of two connected clocks which can't run at the same time. Use it as a game clock to measure the time used by two players for their moves e.g. in game of chess. Stopping one clock will start the other one. The purpose is to keep track of the total time each player takes...

  • States Free




    Do you ask yourself sometimes, where in the USA is this state and what is its capital? This application shows each state of the USA on the map. Either select it from the list or jump around randomly. Ad supported freeware Keywords: map, knowledge, geography, america, school, country, USA,...

  • Plotter Free




    Plot graphs of functions. Enter your formula and the range you want to plot. Features: - By separating the formulas with semicolons you can draw more than one function. - Turn the phone to quickly jump between graph and formula. - Tap the chart to flip through the themes. - E-Mail the...

  • Night Earth Live Wallpaper




    The NASA night earth shifted with the bearing of the phone as live wallpaper.

  • Compass Live Wallpaper




    Shows the magnetic compass as live wallpaper.

  • Multi Task Timer


    Multi Task Timer monitors the completion of a group of task with a common deadline. This is the perfect app while doing e.g. multiple choice tests. Just setup the number of tasks and the total duration and start the timer. Press 'Next Task' when a task is finished. Features: - Shows...

  • Smooth Clock


    Turn your device into a clock with a smoothly animated background. The background animation can be used as a live wallpaper as well. Features: - toggle between day and night mode - choose from 3 different animations - animate random, rainbow or gray colors - 3 different animation speeds -...

  • Car Counter


    Ease the pain of long journeys for your kids by counting cars with different colors. See which color wins or just count them indefinitely. Keywords: color, travel, boring, kids, road, highway, count, journey, fun, entertainment, freeway, interstate, holidays

  • Just Search


    Search the WWW quickly with different search engines and services. Features: - Keeps a history list of your searches - Orders the engines automatically by the least recently used first - Pin your default engines to one of the first 4 spots - Add, edit and remove search engines - Find search...

  • Lottery Free




    Helps to find your lottery picks. It draws a set of random numbers out of a given range. Random picks usually lead to higher winnings than the usual birthdays and lucky numbers because fewer players sharing the same set. Can be customized for many different lotteries world wide. Draws a normal...

  • Savings Free




    This savings calculator helps to find out how much interest you will get when you invest your money over a given period of time with a fixed interest rate. It calculates the compound interest which means it assumes you reinvest the interest after each year (or just leave it in the bank account)....

  • Pay Timer Free




    Measure the time you work and calculate your earnings. The timer keeps running even when you close the application. So there is no need to keep it open all the time. You can save a history of calculations locally on your device and email them to yourself for backup and further processing. Ad...