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  • Workout Free

    Workout Free




    Interval training is one of the best methods to enhance your physical fitness and burn calories and is therefore a basic part of many physical exercise and workout sessions. It is broadly defined as repetitions of high-speed/intensity work followed by periods of rest or low activity. This...

  • Speed Free

    Speed Free




    This application turns your device into a speedometer and accelerometer. By assigning background colors to speed ranges you can see from the corner of the eye how fast you e.g. to avoid speeding. Features: - The acceleration is color coded with a red background as well - Tap the small speed to...

  • Weight Chart Free

    Weight Chart Free




    Weight Chart helps to monitor your weight and waist circumference over time. Newer studies show that a waist to height ratio of over 0.5 increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a ratio over 0.6 significantly. It's a better measure than the well known body mass index (BMI) because it...

  • Thunderstorm Free

    Thunderstorm Free




    This application calculates the distance of a thunder storm by measuring the time between a lightning and the corresponding thunder. How to use: - When you see the lightning press the 'Lightning' button. - Wait until you hear the thunder and press the 'Thunder' button. - Tap the...

  • Game Counter Free

    Game Counter Free




    This is a game counter application. Track the score of different games easily without doing marks on paper. Perfect for sports, board-games, birthday parties and so on. Comes with an additional game countdown clock. Ad supported freeware Keywords: track, score, clock, countdown, team, sport,...

  • Countries Free

    Countries Free




    Do you ask yourself sometimes, where in the world is this country? This application shows each country of the world on the map. Either select it from the list or jump around randomly. Ad supported freeware Keywords: country, map, world, chart, state, continent, list, earth, global, look up,...

  • Water Timer Free

    Water Timer Free




    Measure the time you take your shower (or to water the lawn) and calculate the amount of water used and how much you have to pay for it. You can save a history of calculations and email them to yourself for backup and further processing. Ad supported freeware Keywords: calculator, timer,...

  • Daily Free

    Daily Free




    Remember, track and motivate yourself to do your daily tasks. Keep track of your New Year's resolutions like a daily walk, blog or stop smoking. Check off the tasks you did and see what is left to do. The applications keeps a history of your success in the last 50 days for each task. Get...

  • Country Quiz Free

    Country Quiz Free




    Test your knowledge and spot the countries of the world on the map. Choose from different regions. Start with the easier ones like Oceania and North America before you test yourself on Europe, Africa or even the whole world. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by the number of answers to...

  • Web Monitor Free

    Web Monitor Free




    Monitors your servers or any other web site. The application checks the response time periodically with a HTTP HEAD request which doesn't put much impact on the server. It shows a response time chart, response time statistics and has an error log where you can see why requests to the server...

  • Speed Limit Free

    Speed Limit Free




    Check your speed and get warned if you drive faster than the speed limit to avoid speed tickets. Features: - supports metric km/h and imperial mph speeds - optional warning sounds if your are speeding - adjustable tolerance before warning - US and european speed limit signs - optionally loop...

  • Checklist Free

    Checklist Free




    Create and manage all sorts of checklists. E.g. for travel, sports and things to do or to remember. Features: - Multiple checklists - check and uncheck the items on each list - reset the list to all unchecked state - optionally hide checked items - e-mail items - bulk add multiple items - edit...

  • Max Peak Free

    Max Peak Free




    Find out about the highest peak on your route while you drive, bike or hike (with the help of GPS). You can use this to entertain yourself or your kids to find the highest point on a otherwise boring journey. Features: - keeps a list of the maximums - opens the maximum peaks on the map - email...

  • Capital Quiz Free

    Capital Quiz Free




    Test your knowledge and name all state capitals of the USA. Adapt the difficulty with the number of capitals to choose from. The wrongly guessed capitals are collected in a list with links to wikipedia for easy lookup. Ad suported freeware Keywords: map, knowledge, geography, america, school,...

  • Timer Free

    Timer Free




    Create timers to monitor how long it takes to do your work, how long you make a pause or whatever you have to time. The timer keeps running even when you close the application. So there is no need to keep it open all the time. Timers can be - created and removed - started and paused - reset to...