SplashPad Mobile

  • Selfie Camera App




    Say cheese! Take photos of you and your friends and share them instantly with the Selfies camera app. When you open the camera on most devices, it starts with the rear-facing camera. To take a selfie, you have to tap to switch to the front camera. This app STARTS your front camera and provides...

  • All the Game Cheats FREE




    Win every game with Game cheats and cheat codes! Beat your favorite game system. Get the latest, greatest hardcore game code cheats. Our frequently updated app for Android has all the best video games and Android games cheats. All the Cheats FREE for Android makes cheating on your favorite games...

  • Tattoo Gallery




    Love tattoos? Discover body art you'll want to wear forever with Tattoo Gallery app for Android. Get tattoo ideas from designs by amazing tattoo artists. More than 10,000 tattoo art, photos, patterns and designs are easy to browse using our simplifying category system. Special app...

  • Crossword Puzzle




    Get thousands of crossword puzzles of every level to play on the go on your mobile phone or tablet, FREE! No other crossword puzzle app has this many features! Free daily and weekly crossword puzzles from your favorite sources. Two weeks of archives are available to download past puzzles....

  • Meme It! Meme Generator




    Easily create a meme and share it with your friends.

  • Privacy Browser - Hide History




    Privacy Browser is a fully functional web browser that does not retain or keep any history of sites you have visited. In fact, it does not store or allow any personally identifiable information (such as cookies). You can surf the web without leaving any traces.

  • Hide Text SMS & Calls




    Communicate on the down-low! Keep your text messages private with this text hide app. Text Hider Plus is a free secret vault for SMS/MMS, calls, photos and more Hide SMS and MMS text messages, hide photos, hide phone logs! * * * Now supports KitKat devices! * * * How to get started: 1....

  • Rate My Poop!




    You know when you have a major poop and you want to tell the world. Now you can with Rate My Poop. App features: Submit your epic poop by selecting an image on your device or take a picture via the app Your picture is added to latest additions See highest rated and most popular poops Save poops...

  • Concentration Game for Kids




    Stimulate the brain with the addictive, classic fun of Concentration Memory Game. Give kids a game that provides visual stimulation to help them improve both their memory and ability to focus. Challenge the mind with three levels of difficulty in this easy-to-use educational app. This pairs...

  • Wallpapers: Nature


    Let nature take over your tablet or phone with Wallpapers: Nature for Android. Find the perfect tropical island, forest landscape or mountain scene to set as your personal wallpaper or background. Escape into nature with this stunning wallpaper app. Features: – Change your background/wallpaper...

  • LOL Jokes for Kids




    Want to see something funny? Check out the FREE Jokes for Kids app. We have hundreds of free, funny kid’s jokes. You will find: • Riddles for kids • Jokes about kids • Kid’s knock knock jokes Put a smile on your face using these features: • Share jokes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest...

  • Calorie Tracker & Counter




    The free, easy way to track calories. What is the easiest way to lose weight? Burn more calories than you consume. Easy, right? The question is, how do you track calories burned and calories from food? The solution is the Calorie Tracker app. Calorie Counter: Track the calories you consume...

  • Wallpapers: Love


    Embrace images of love every time you look at your phone with Wallpapers: Love for Android. Choose from stunning, high-quality wallpaper backgrounds that will make your heart flutter. From sensual candlelight to romantic red roses, you’ll find lots to love in this elegant wallpaper app....

  • Ultimate Catch Phrase




    Ready for some fun at your next group or party? Then this is the game for you! Similar to Catch Phrase™ by Hasbro Inc., this is a fun filled, fast guessing game that will keep everyone laughing and entertained. You give your team clues as fast as you can until they guess the word or phrase...

  • Wallpapers: Cool Cars


    Add some hot rod eye candy to your tablet or phone with Wallpapers: Cool Cars for Android. Find the perfect ride to showcase your sense of style. Look no further for every kind of background from classic car wallpapers to the slickest sports car wallpapers. Put some wheels on your phone with this...

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