SplashPad Mobile

  • Ultimate Catch Phrase




    Ready for some fun at your next group or party? Then this is the game for you! Similar to Catch Phrase™ by Hasbro Inc., this is a fun filled, fast guessing game that will keep everyone laughing and entertained. You give your team clues as fast as you can until they guess the word or phrase...

  • Wallpapers: Cool Cars


    Add some hot rod eye candy to your tablet or phone with Wallpapers: Cool Cars for Android. Find the perfect ride to showcase your sense of style. Look no further for every kind of background from classic car wallpapers to the slickest sports car wallpapers. Put some wheels on your phone with this...

  • Wallpapers: Flowers in Bloom


    Bring the flowers of spring and summer to your phone or tablet with Wallpapers: Flowers in Bloom for Android. Lovely, bright wallpapers put nature’s wonder at home on your device. With 40 designs to choose from, there are enough floral choices to select a different background photo every day of...

  • Premium Animal Wallpapers


    Bring the wild side of animal life to the background of your phone or tablet with Premium Animal Wallpapers for Android. Choose from amazing, high-quality photos of cute, funny and majestic animals. Find the perfect feline, canine, creature or critter to decorate and personalize your phone with...

  • Easy Photo Share Premium


    Easy Photo Share allows sharing to multiple applications at one time. Want to share that photo to some friends, Facebook and Twitter? You can share to all of these (and more) at once instead of sharing to each individually. When sharing something such as a photo, select "Share...

  • Text Message Filter - Premium


    Text Catch is an SMS filter app that catches ads, marketing messages, reminders, mobile coupons and alerts you've opted into and keeps them out of your personal inbox. Who's texting you? Your doctor, the local grocery store, your favorite restaurant and retailers from the entire mall...

  • Area Code Lookup -- Premium


    Find out the location* of your callers' area code (for all countries including the US) while the phone is ringing! *The location is based on the location of the area code not callers' physical location. The app also allows you to enter an area code or phone number to get the matching...

  • Premium Percent Calculator


    Want a quick way to figure out how much you save on that item that is 33% off? Need a hand calculating that 20% tip on your restaurant bill? We have your answer! Quick Percentage Calculator will easily and quickly calculate a percentage amount. Enter percent and total values and percentage...

  • Shared Data Plan Monitor




    Track combined data usage for all devices sharing your data plan. Easily see how much data has been consumed and by which devices at any point during your plan cycle. Note: This app uses built-in data statistics provided in the Android operation system. While the reported statistics are close,...

  • Top Songs, Music & Videos




    Searching for the best music app for Android? Your new music search is over! Top Music is the best discography app, featuring: • Music news and photos • Album and song information, including cover art • Artist bios • Music videos • User-generated song lyrics • User-determined top music charts...

  • Diary and Travel Log




    Your Private Diary takes the simple approach to documenting your feelings and daily activities. While free and simple to use, it provides advanced functions such as taking and attaching photos and videos. As a bonus, you can also record audio and attach to a diary entry! Features: - Secure...

  • Internet Speed Test




    Easily speed test your Internet or network connection with the free Internet Speed Test for Android! Check your Internet speed quickly and easily with just the tap of a button. If you’re not sure how to test the speed of Internet, look no further. This simple, easy-to-use app provides...

  • QuizIt Movie Questions




    Do you love movie quotes? Are you a movie trivia buff? Challenge yourself with the FREE Movie Quotes Quiz app and find out how good you really are. Chose a movie genre: • Action movies • Adventure movies • Dramas • Horror movies • Romance films • SciFi films • Fantasy movies • Suspense...

  • Lottery Results




    If you buy lottery and lotto tickets, you need this FREE app! • Check current and past winning lotto numbers by state (including Canada) • Daily results of lottery contests • Track all your lottery tickets each day and get accurate results Want a winning edge? Get suggested numerical...

  • LMAO Jokes




    Want to see something funny? Check out the FREE LMAO Jokes app. We have more than 6,000 free funny jokes, rude jokes, dirty jokes and more! Put a smile on your face using these features: • Share jokes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more • Send jokes via text and email • Save...

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