Spooky Games

  • GeekBalls Super Game




    Help the Geekballs to destroy the evil cubes trying to conquer their world. Use logic to arrive at your enemies exploding TNT blocks! This game is an original, independent and beautiful exercise for your brain, and was made for the whole family to play. 12 fascinating and challenging levels in...

  • GeekBalls(Demo)




    This version its not working anymore... Search for the full version, now FREE! WARNING: YOU MAY HAVE TO THINK! ADVERTENCIA: PODRIAS TENER QUE PENSAR! KeyWords: evil, game, puzzle, fun, mind, angry, balls, geek Palabras clave: malvados, genios, rompecabezas, divertido, enojado, mente

  • New Ouija Board




    The Awsome and improved new Ouija Board now available on the Market! Beware!! this is not a game! be patient, the application can take to ship from a few minutes to hours. Pointer follow your finger? thats right! because your finger is moved by your will or the spirits will!! Do you rather a...

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