• MerchantMobile - AdMob




    For Android Developers! All-in-one access to: Google Merchant (Checkout) order notifications Market info (stats, comments) AdMob stats (sites & ads) Please report all FCs and other errors. Only tested with Android related Merchant data, may not work with other Merchant data

  • ActivDroid - Camping & Events


    ActivDroid utilizes the impressive Active.com database of campground and active events to help you decide what your next outdoor activity should be. Search for campgrounds based on a wide array of parameters including location,hookups, pets, amenities and more. You can view photos of the...

  • Headsetter - volume profiles




    Service thats runs at boot that allows you to set volumes for 3 different profiles: headset, headphones & phone. This way you do not have to adjust the volume each time you plug in/out your gear. Start service after installing. Headsetter was tested on the HTC N1. If Headsetter does not work...

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