Spotcat Studio

  • Boom Panot!




    Tactical Car Balancing Game! Test your balancing skills and share your score with friends. But more importantly, HAVE FUN! =D Put a selfie in before sharing for more fun!

  • Big Bug Busters




    *Updated with Facebook Integration! *Now playable in Samsung Galaxy S2! (In case you experience crashes, just turn off sfx in the options menu and you'll be fine! fix will come soon!) *Collect in-game agon crystals and use them to buy support units and items! BETA LAUNCH FOR A FREE GAME!...

  • Spotcat Augmented Reality



    FREE Spotcat Augmented Reality App This is an Augmented Reality App of Spotcat Studio. Kindly focus your camera at the business card you got from us or download/visit image in our website ( Thank you!

  • Spotcat Wallpaper




    Spotcat logo and mascot! Watch out for our new game! Big Bug Busters!

  • Big Bug Busters Wallpaper




    Live Wallpaper of upcoming game by Spotcat Studio! Big Bug Busters!

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