• Daylight World Map




    Shows which parts of the world are in daylight, which are in twilight, and which are in darkness. The approximate positions of the sun and moon (projected on to the Earth) are also shown. Various locations around the world can be selected. Takes into account timezones to show the current time in...

  • Reversi Online




    An online multiplayer version of the popular strategy game. Reversi (also known as Othello) is a strategy game where two players take turns to place their counters on the board, attempting to capture their opponent's counters. The goal is to have a majority of your counters showing at the...

  • YachtC




    A version of the classic dice game, with the proper rules! Just like the well-known Yahtzee¹ and the public domain game Yacht. Now also features additional game variations called "Lucky7" and "Tricolor". Lucky7 features wildcard dice which can represent any value. Tricolor...

  • Crazy Billiards




    A simple but fun 2D pool and snooker-like game with unique and unusual features! The aim is to pot all the coloured balls in as few turns as possible. There are various features such as on-table obstacles, pockets in unusual positions, and different sized balls. Features three difficulty...

  • Twins Memory Tournament




    A fun multiplayer puzzle game to test your memory with a theme of matching-up pairs! You can play single player challenges, compete against Android, or join real-time online matches against other players! Help train your brain with three different game types: Pairs - Uncover and match the...

  • Monster Maze




    Explore the maze and collect the treasures, but beware of the monsters in this fun retro-style game. Find the keys to unlock doors and use them strategically to escape from monsters. Use the radar to help plan your escape. Entice the monsters to fall into traps but be careful not to fall into...

  • Block Rampage




    Destroy the blocks by rolling the ball into them in this fast-paced tilt game. Extra points are awarded for destroying three or more blocks of the same colour in a row. When blocks are destroyed, they may reveal bonus rewards or unpleasant surprises. Features global high-scores table.

  • Super Bunny




    Guide Super Bunny home to safety as quickly as you can. But unfortunately, the way home involves passing a series of deadly obstacles such as busy roads, rivers, farms, exploding mines, and hungry predators. Similar concept to classic arcade games such as "Frogger" but with completely...

  • Word Star




    Test your lexical skills in this fun game of creating words from jumbles of letters. Requires quick thinking and mental agility. Play against the computer or online matches against other players. Become a word superstar! Features: - 5 different game types. - Play single player, against computer...

  • Quiz Quest Multiplayer




    Join Professor Android for this multiplayer Quiz Quest on a range of subjects. You can play single-player challenges, play against the computer, or online games against other players all around the world. Give your brain a workout on a range of multiple choice trivia questions. Subjects...

  • Tilt 'n' Squish




    A labyrinth-style tilt game with a difference! What could be more fun than squishing bugs? New: The game has been redesigned. The new and improved structure allows for increased replayability. Tilt your phone to roll the ball around the maze. Squish the bugs by running over them, but be careful...

  • Ghost Munch Android




    Classic arcade-style gaming but set in the world of Android. The aim is to control the green Android to roll over or eat the diamonds and power-ups in the maze while avoiding the ghosts. Power-ups enable you to eat the ghosts, are available in the form of Android releases names (cupcake, donut,...

  • Geek Calendar Tool




    Have you ever wanted to know the date of Easter or the next full moon? Or wondered what date was in the Mayan or Islamic calendars? Here is a fun tool for showing various information about about a number of calendar systems from around the world! Includes information on: - Mayan Calendar -...

  • Geek Clock Tool




    This app calculates and displays clock related information for unusual time systems. Impress and confuse your friends by showing the time using these non-standard clocks. The purpose of the app is just for fun and education about alternative time systems. Highly Recommended for those...

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