Squishy Things, Inc.

  • Chinese Numbers Match Free




    Learn Chinese characters and pronunciations for numbers in a fun, engaging way! Move the chips to match up characters and pictures and then hear the numbers pronounced in Mandarin. You or your child will naturally learn the associations in a fun way that engages movement and senses. Chinese...

  • Bubbles Deluxe




    Pop! Pop! Pop! Blow bubbles by sliding your fingers across the screen and then tap to pop. * Colorful bubbles * Hold finger in place to blow a giant bubble * 8 different backgrounds or choose your own photo * Bubble machine mode * Shake to pop all bubbles * Option to turn off sound Fun for...

  • Bubbles




    Pop! Pop! Pop! Blow bubbles by dragging your finger across the screen or blow a giant bubble by holding your finger in place. Then tap on them to pop. Provides amusement for people of all ages or use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied when you need a few minutes of sanity. * The kids love...

  • Numbers Match Free




    An engaging new way for your child to learn numbers! Flash cards are dull and constrictive. Slide the chips to match up the numbers. Strengthens the associations between the numerals and their meanings. Drag the pictures to the characters or the other way around. Numbers Match naturally builds...

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