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  • MensaPlaner





    Der Mensa Planer bietet Speisepläne deutscher Universitäts-Mensen. Aktuell werden folgende Unis unterstützt: RWTH Aachen Uni Köln Uni Hamburg weitere folgen (Berlin ist gerade in Arbeit). TRAFFIC: Aachen mit 9 Mensen verursacht für eine Woche etwa 30-50kb Traffic. ** Bei Problemen,...

  • AppTasker



    Did you ever forget to do something important with your mobile phone? Imagine you received an email that you don't want to answer right away on your mobile phone. You could also do it later at home. But what happens? You forget it. AppTasker helps you to create a reminder for such tasks by...

  • SoundWars



    Bei SoundWars kannst du gegen einen Freund um einen peinlichen Ton spielen. Klicke auf den Namen des Freundes, wähle den Ton aus und spiele ein kurzes Spiel. Dein Freund bekommt die Spieleinladung und muss nach dem Einschalten des Handys spätestens nach 10 Minuten auf die Herausforderung...

  • Fast CheckIn for Latitude

    Fast CheckIn for Latitude




    Since Google removed the Widget to check in with Latitude, it takes much time to check in. This app is a shortcut for the CheckIn function of Latitude, just place it on your homescreen. It doesn't need any permissions.

  • I Have To Go - Fake Call FULL

    I Have To Go - Fake Call FULL




    ** PLEASE take a look at the LITE version and try if it works before you buy this application ** Ever wanted to leave a boring or an annoying meeting or an awkward situation? You didn't have an excuse to leave? Now you have one. Use this fake-call app and just pretend that someone calls you...

  • I Have To Go - Fake Call LITE

    I Have To Go - Fake Call LITE




    ** LITE version, some colors are changed (see screen shots), you can't use contact photos, there is one popup and no widget. If you like this app, please consider buying the FULL version ** Ever wanted to leave a boring or an annoying meeting or an awkward situation? You didn't have an...

  • WeekendCounter Widget

    WeekendCounter Widget




    Select when your weekend begins and the widget will show you a countdown. Long click on your home screen to add a widget. ** If you have problems or suggestions, please write a mail to: feedback AT **

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