• Lost Bottle


    Lost Bottle is an interesting App for anonymous communication . you can say whatever you want and people all over the world will reply to you ! The bottles maybe from Chinese,South Korea,Vietnam,USA and so on! If you want to learn about what other people think or how they speak ,please join us ....

  • Mp3 Recorder




    - Unlimited record time and file size (only limited by your SDCard size), recorded file are saved at folder: sdcard/AudioRecorder. - Simple and easy to use user interface, start fast - Play the audio when you select it. - Output format mp3 - Long press the file will open option menu for other...

  • crazy shoot




    crazy shoot is a silly joke app which simulates a broken mobile phone screen. when you touch the screen,you'll find some intresting thing! You may play tricks on your friends with it , You will not be disappointed! How to use: Start "crazy shoot" and hand your phone to one of your...

  • insect smarsher




    Who likes ants in the soup? What about in your Android device? The ant race is on, and you need to smash those ants before they reach the strawberries. Enjoy your download today!

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