Staples, Inc.

  • Staples® -Daily Deals & Sales




    The brand new Staples Android app is a quick and easy way to browse office supplies, find daily deals and ship products directly to your home or office - or pick up in-store. Using Google Material design, the app is sleek and compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets. With free...

  • Staples Advantage




    Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., serves organizations of 20 or more employees all the way up to the Fortune 1000, including global businesses, government, healthcare organizations and educational institutions. The Staples Advantage app includes dozens of...

  • Staples Canada




    We've put Easy at your fingertips. The Staples App (available in English and French) is your perfect business companion when on-the-go. The app lets you search and purchase thousands of products available on, find the latest in-store and online deals, and locate a store near you...

  • Bureau en Gros




    Rien de plus simple – d'un seulclic. La nouvelle appli Bureau en Gros (offerte en françaiset en anglais) estvotrecompagne de voyage idéale. Elle permet la rechercheetl'achat de milliers de produitsofferts à, oùvouspouveztrouver des aubaines en magasin et en ligne,...

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