Stark Apps

  • Pocket bug Kingdom Empire War




    "Battle all insects and worms in your pocket. Be the best bug smasher in your own pocket of kingdoms. Discover a world of cute ants, crazy cockroaches, greedy spiders and explode bugs in your fun bug smashing empire. Gore the pest in Pocket Bugs war game. Demolish and airstrike cute...

  • iDestroy: Infinity Bloody Bugs




    iDestroy is a simulation game where you destroy bugs with 40+ CRAZY WEAPONS! Raid bugs, shoot worms & zombies, destroy ants with insect exterminator robot laser weapons, toss zombies into a buzz saw like paper. 40+ Weapons! 100+ Bugs for you to Destroy!...

  • iDestroy War Kill & Shoot Bugs




    iDestroy is a FREE crazy action game where you shoot endless armies of bugs and insects crawling on your screen! Shoot 40+ awesome guns! Shooting bugs never felt so satisfying! 1000+ Bugs to demolish! 40+ Weapons to destroy enemies! BURN THEM Set them on fire with gasoline and a match Use the...

  • Pocket Bugs Free Bug Destroyer




    Gotta kill'em all! Shoot and Crush hundreds of bugs on your phone! Cause insane explosions, unlock secret weapons and build ingenious traps for the bugs! Destroy your photos! Can you find the most awesome way to kill them all? Here's a taste of what's waiting for you: # Nuclear...

  • Make money fast:Easy Cash Bank




    Get paid to play games & wach videos! Instantly, no hassle, no fuss and it’s stress FREE! Minimum payout is $1 You must have a verified PAYPAL account Money is paid out instantly All you need is a few minutes’ time and the app does the rest! No hidden requirements, just plain Easy Money...

  • Free App Treasure - Free Games




    You want to find the latest, hottest and coolest free games on Android? This app does it for you! We feature a different set of top free games and apps every day! Free addicting best game and Best games and apps for Android Addictive Cool Fun Top app new. Free App Treasure Chest will feature...

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