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  • Match Safari - Memory Trainer

    Match Safari - Memory Trainer




    Play match'em with the countries of the world! Train your brain and have fun at the same time! Visit the countries of the world, remember their sights and test your skills! Match Safari will test your speed, your memory and your accuracy. This game will keep you occupied during long train...

  • iDestroy Call of Bug Battle

    iDestroy Call of Bug Battle




    100+ Bugs to demolish! 40+ Weapons to destroy enemies! Be the ultimate bug exterminator! Blast, Shoot, Burn, Bomb, DESTROY! * Bloody warfare, Guns and bugs! * Insane amount of blood! * Lay high explosive mine traps, call in Airstrikes and declare Victory over the bugs! * Shoot holes in your...

  • iDestroy: Infinity Bloody Bugs

    iDestroy: Infinity Bloody Bugs




    40+ Weapons! 100+ Bugs for you to Destroy! ★ Destroy, torture, smash & explode bugs endlessly. ★ Relieve stress by shooting bugs with epic weapons of war! ★ Build crazy contraptions that kill bugs for you! ★ Play the most addictive, fun, action-packed, Stress Relief Game for FREE! •...

  • Free App Treasure - Free Games

    Free App Treasure - Free Games




    You want to find the latest, hottest and coolest free games on Android? This app does it for you! We feature a different set of top free games and apps every day! Free addicting best game and Best games and apps for Android Addictive Cool Fun Top app new. Free App Treasure Chest will feature...

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