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    网上有很多开源的安卓类库很好用,对于刚学习安卓的童鞋亦或者老鸟都是很好的学习对象。 我平时有关注开源代码的习惯,这么多年也搜集了不少精彩的源码。 到后来发现自己手机里装的都是几百个demo app,删又不舍得删,不删又占资源,于是就准备搞了个23code应用,里面汇集了我精心整理的应用。...

  • 告之告


    看广告也能赚钱!从广告列表中抢下最新广告,然后您在规定时间内观看广告即可获得不错收益,把真金白银转入到你的支付宝或者银行账户。 你也可以下载优惠券,享受消费真正的实惠! --这就是告之告软件。...

  • Virtual incoming call 模拟来电


    SDK 1.5 or more advanced. Are you Tired in a tedious appointment? A virtual incoming call can help you out of the trouble. try it now. Do not forget rate and comment。模拟来电是一款恶作剧软件,可以帮您逃脱一场无聊的约会、或设为某个明星的名字和朋友开个小玩笑。 - 选择来电铃声 - 录音(通话时,模拟对方说话) - 显示对方头像 - 选择联系人,更加便捷 - 设置静音或自动模式 - 设置来电时间 更多有趣应用,查看更多程序...

  • Phone Guardian(防盗手机)


    The software is a tool that can prevent phone from lost; When SIM Card in the phone is changed, It will automaticsend sms to the number that you have specified before; from that number you can know whose card in you phone now if forget the password , you can uninstall the software to solve the...

  • Calculator Of Menstrual Cycle


    version 2.0 安全期计算器 According to women's physiological characteristics to predict female menstrual cycle。 it will send notification when Menstrual period is coming. if you have any suggestion, you can send email to me. Don't forget rate and comment !! thanks!

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